Do You Smell That? Spring Is Coming!

Look man, we all know that spring is far away and that the next few months WILL BE THE GROSSEST OF THEM ALL. With that said, spring IS coming. Like I said to all of your wonderful faces this morning remains so true: If you’re training with November Project now, you’re a part of the undeniable core that is making this movement a success. We’ll have have good friends and co-workers who come through when the sun is nice and warm in the “easy months” and there is nothing wrong with that. They will be welcome to drop in whenever they want. Not everyone is as weatherproof as you are… know that. Just remind yourself from time to time that your consistant training and consistant fun will both make what you do in the spring, summer, and fall of this year that much better. Training, racing, and standing around on the beach is a lot more fun when you’ve already done your homework and you can simply cruise & shine with solid months of hard work behind you. You’re a part of the core. Be proud.

This morning was a beatdown of 5 hills with 10 burpies a the top of each. We had an amazing showing and there was no involvement with the Brookline Police Department (Thanks Officer Tim for stopping by though). For those of you who saw the giant camera bopping in and out of our gathering and the workout please don’t be alarmed. Those women were actually aliens from another planet who’d rented “white adult woman” human costumes for the day. They’re doing a project that shows off, in their words, “What some of the more extreme humans do to start their day on planet earth.” Both “Maggie” and “Jullie” promised this wasn’t scouting for world takeover but I wasn’t too convinced after the demanded hair samples and having a 45 minute probe session in the bathroom at the Coolidge Corner Starbucks. And for the record, trying to get a hair sample from a well shaven Serbian racer is like trying to get Claire Wood (below) to train in TOMS – it just aint happening!

For those of you who nominated and voted for November Project in BostonInno’s “50 On Fire” we thank you. We grabbed enough love through our “respectfully disruptive” vibe to make the FINALISTS. Thanks again for your love and support.

I think I’ve said it all. You all make me proud. Good luck in Hyannis. No WISCONSIN NOTES today.

MONDAY’S #DestinationDeck location… we’ll see you there. #BridgeGathering #MassAve&TheCharlesRiver #TheMiddleOfTheDarnBridge.

Easter Sunday, March 31st, 11AM. November Project’s Spring Race: #EasterHashHunt. Save the date.

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