Phoenix- Let’s Take it From “Cacti” to “Cactus”

Visitors often think the desert looks inhospitable. Well, they’re wrong. My family doesn’t just survive here, we thrive here. Heck, have you seen how my tribe packs the local hills and theater during the summer? True inspiration.

I’ve seen a lot of new years come and go. Think these buff saguaro arms grow overnight? Well, they don’t. I’ve been lucky that my tribe’s awesome workouts keep me looking young, but don’t be fooled, I’ve seen many moons. Between family photosynthesis sessions and binge watching my cousins on Planet Earth, I’ve had some time to reflect this holiday week.

Hands down, what I’m most grateful for in 2018 is all the people who come workout with me. They say Phoenix is a “city of transplants” or a “sprawl”, but when NP Phoenix comes together, it shows our locals are as warm as the sun that shines here 300+ days a year. Nothing beats the positive vibes of NP Phoenix, my main hope for 2019 is to strengthen the relationships I have, and make new ones!

Here’s some useful pickup lines you can use in 2019 to invite some friends to NP:

-We’d make a pricky pear, come workout with me!

-You’re looking sharp, do you workout with NP Phoenix?

-Life, and NP, would succ without you

-Your NP tribe will never desert you

-You look sucCUTElent in that fresh grassroots gear

-Our workouts are planttastic

And my favorite, let’s take it from “cacti” to “cactus”. Phoenix, in 2019, let’s take it to “cactus” and keep making Phoenix the best it can be!

Love, Your Dude,

Wyatt Saguaro


Photos with friends = the best
I love me a good Aravaipa event, always the best of times!
My running days are few and far between, I am more of a cheerleader now myself, which is why people like Tom inspire me so much with their awesome running!
I love when my friends come hang on my terms- harder than it looks!
Go Sun’s! #PhoenixRising
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