Phoenix- Let’s Take it From “Cacti” to “Cactus”

Visitors often think the desert looks inhospitable. Well, they’re wrong. My family doesn’t just survive here, we thrive here. Heck, have you seen how my tribe packs the local hills and theater during the summer? True inspiration.

I’ve seen a lot of new years come and go. Think these buff saguaro arms grow overnight? Well, they don’t. I’ve been lucky that my tribe’s awesome workouts keep me looking young, but don’t be fooled, I’ve seen many moons. Between family photosynthesis sessions and binge watching my cousins on Planet Earth, I’ve had some time to reflect this holiday week. read more

Colliding with Cacti

You may or may not have heard of an event called Southwest Collision Course, which took place this past weekend. If not, allow me to briefly fill you in: the Phoenix, San Diego, and LA tribes collided in a frenzy of flesh, fire, and flugfuße. Once the dust had settled, we had treated nearly 130 people to a festival that included a Ragnar trail-style relay, food and beverages, and camping under the stars. It was truly better than both Jackie and I expected.

I thought it was cool that we let the SD peeps join our team. It’s indicative of how inclusive our tribe is as a whole. –JD read more