Final Friday of 2018 (Boston 12.28.18)

The countdown is on. After this morning, we only have one more workout of the entire year left. MONDAY’S DESTINATION DECK workout will be held in the Fenway area–in a basketball court on Peterborough St. If you’re familiar with that area and/or good burritos, it’s across the street from El Pelon, which is also known to NP_BOS co-leaders as NP HQ because we go there so often. In fact, we’ll just meet in front of El Pelon, and go to the basketball court. Show up here to meet up for the workout on Monday: 6:29am.

And in our Final Friday workout of the year, which reminded us again what being #weatherproof is all about–with the slick sidewalks from overnight ice?? and the light, but cold rain throughout the workout, we also remembered that fitness can be and should be fun. So we played life-size Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which hill you went down (winners = back hill, losers = front hill), or sent you down the stairs if you tied. I always love the real-life awkwardness that often shows up when people find themselves face-to-face with someone and they’re actually adults who never play Rock, Paper, Scissors with anyone anymore but here they are trying to get to their next hill and neither of them can really coordinate their timing with the other person to be in sync while they jump or shake their fist out to say “ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS…SHOOT” and then try to figure out who won/lost and where they run.

It’s a lot like life. You generally know the plan/game, but when it comes down to executing it, it’s less smooth, not always perfectly timed, and sometimes it comes out awkward. And then you gotta go do something fun, or you gotta go do something hard. Sometimes you’re solo, sometimes you have a partner/friends. And although you go down whatever challenging road you’re on, you turn and make your way back to other friends, to the next challenge, and the whole thing really does work out. Not always like you planned, but it works out. We WORKOUT.

So as we complete our final Friday workout of the year, I’d like to ask everyone to think forward to next year. How do you want it to feel? How do YOU want to feel? I’m not asking you to think about what you want to do–that’s for another conversation. But do you want to feel things like, strong, motivated, fit, confident, consistent, connected, progressing… then you can think about how NP can help contribute to those feelings. You can use regularity in showing up to build consistency as well as connection. You can set goals about meeting new people, or for making plans to connect outside of workouts with people you find connections with during workouts. You can make intentions about how you want to get fitter, faster, or stronger through the workouts–and then focus on and work hard at those!

It’s often helpful to take a look back to see what you’ve gained a lot from and then build on those things going forward. Or even to notice the things that still freak you out or feel harder than you want. Do Mondays feel scary? Do you groan every time you hear we’re doing pushups as a part of a workout? This is great to notice and then decide if you want to keep feeling that way as we go forward (into 2019 and beyond), or if now’s a good time to intentionally create the feelings you want and take the actions that support them. We will always have workouts–which you can get simply by just showing up. And you can get the most out of them–what you want and need by being really intentional when you show up.

If you want Mondays to be less scary then maybe you want to commit to running/biking/walking to the workouts with people who live near you, so you don’t have to get there alone (and you’re probably less likely to get lost too!). If you want to get better at pushups –or any other exercise– then every time we do them in a workout, you can see it as an opportunity to work on form, get some help or coaching, and practice the thing that will only get easier when you do it more! There are always opportunities to make the workouts work best for you, no matter what we throw at you during a workout. And the more you know what you want to get out of it, the more likely you’ll actually get it!

It’s a challenge–like a year-end mission–should you choose to accept it. How do you want to feel? How can NP support you? What do you want from NP this coming year? What are your intentions? Let’s keep changing the world, starting with each of us!

Weekend earned! See you all on MONDAY.

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