The Bridges of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties

This summer’s hottest workout craze is running bridges. Every couple of weeks you’re going to see a post from us about running bridges. Your challenge is that during the remainder of the week (Monday-Sunday), you get yourself to the bridge (walk, run, bike, scoot, etc) and then run yourself over the bridge and back. Real cool cats will pick out a bridge a day and knock them out systematically. Wild cats will maybe split them up into two sets and grab them at their leisure. Some of you kittens might even tackle them all at once. However you do it, do it. You prize is exploring the world around you on your own two feet (or a unicycle or whatever). read more

Phoenix- Let’s Take it From “Cacti” to “Cactus”

Visitors often think the desert looks inhospitable. Well, they’re wrong. My family doesn’t just survive here, we thrive here. Heck, have you seen how my tribe packs the local hills and theater during the summer? True inspiration.

I’ve seen a lot of new years come and go. Think these buff saguaro arms grow overnight? Well, they don’t. I’ve been lucky that my tribe’s awesome workouts keep me looking young, but don’t be fooled, I’ve seen many moons. Between family photosynthesis sessions and binge watching my cousins on Planet Earth, I’ve had some time to reflect this holiday week. read more

Embrace the change; it will lead you to beautiful things: From shy tribe to hugging strangers; look at us now.

    We have come a long ways, from nodders to shakers to hi5’ers…and now we hug!

Being a first time father about 2 years ago, I really wasn’t sure what the full responsibilities entailed. I had equal parts of excitement as well as fear but the only way I knew how to deal with things was head on (Not like there were any other options here). And in this 24 months, I have seen and experienced change beyond my 40 (fine 41) years of existence.THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME EVER AGAIN!!!

My Madison’s growth and change from an infant to now a toddler as we face the terrible two’s has brought me some “WTH” moments as well as “OMG I am so blessed” moments (latter wins by miles). Some of her accomplishments and antics (as mischievous as they are) really does make me proud. I have had to choose my battles when it comes to her and mostly just embrace the change in my life.

Though not as drastic as having a child in my life, the change in our tribe, the culture, the people; their fitness and mentality has also been astonishing. We have gone from an evening workout tribe to the earliest November Project tribe in the world. (Although I noticed NP Nola getting in a 5:15AM recently as well; threat acknowledged) Getting our people to change their routine and #justshowup before the sun is out was not an easy feat and they have passed with flying colors. High fives were far and few between when we first started but gradually, especially since we officially became November Project Malaysia; (pride has taken over) the hugs, even the sweaty ones are happening before my eyes. We are no longer as reserved as we used to be and our bounce are getting better and louder, participation is increasing despite slight hesitation by the newbies. We are slowing going from no contact to half huggers half shakers tribe.

All the changes we have gone through, the biggest I have noticed in the tribe, are the people. They have gotten fitter, stronger, braver and more confident to take up challenges. Some have not stepped out of their comfort zones, they just leaped and the tribe have been there to catch them. Most of these men and women have done things that they would not have attempted without the support of the group. I am certain some have gone from cursing me under their breathes during workouts to taking on 5km, 10km runs, obstacle courses, half marathons, full marathons and even consider venturing into the Ultra and trail races(The cursing probably continues while racing). They are no longer intimidated by their limits where before 10km may seem to be a challenge, they have now ran several HMs. Where pushups started with knees on the ground, now they are firing off 15 straight unassisted pushups. They are inspirational in overcoming their limits but that only happened because their mentality changed.

Abigail also know as Jill also know as Sleep Runner running her 1st HM at Miri Marathon Insta @kila1183 (Photo courtesy of Miri Marathon)


Our Anastasia; insta as @anastasiameliasimon (aka Chili Padi lose translation birds eye chili, small but potent as hell) running her Spartan Beast. Muddied but deep inside she is really happy! We swear! (Photo Credit Ing)


Aunty Audrey check her out on Instagram @aunty_audrey running her first 10KM, have gone on to run another 10KM at Miri Marathon and now signed up for HM in August at the Kuching International Marathon (Photo credit: Ing)
Alien running his 2nd FM at the Borneo International Marathon in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. First was at Miri Marathon.

“It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new” – Alan Cohen

 Watching the transformation and accomplishment by the group tells us that we are on the right path and #thistribeisstrong. They have embraced all the change I have thrown at them to make us the November Project Malaysia tribe that we are. The NP culture of hugging, encouraging each other, throwing out random hi5s, caring, spreading positivity, improving the community, etc is slowly starting to show in this tribe and there is no one prouder of them than me. Ask me a year ago if we would be doing runs in a park in DIY superhero costumes, my answer would have been a confident no. Ask me 6 months ago how many tribe members would show up at a charity run to cheer not just for the tribe but strangers and I would probably say less than 5, yet weeks ago a dozen of them showed up to bring some #NPvibes and noise to the Dynasty Charity run.

Dynasty Run 2017, first official outing for the NP cheer squad. (Photo courtesy of Bulatan Park Runners’ Club)

Word is spreading about this bunch of yahoos who does #free workout on a hill at ungodly hours .Miri is starting to hear about November Project Malaysia, they are starting to see the #grassrootsgear and the tribe is growing. All this because the tribe is embracing the change along with the weird, the newbies that #justshowup is experiencing something they have never been exposed to. Talk to strangers, hugging not shaking, bringing positivity and make our community better is on its way!

To get to where the magic happens, which we refer to it as November Project Malaysia around these parts, you have to step out of your comfort zone. (Picture from stepping out of your comfort zone blog @

Important stuff:

  • This Sunday, we will be having our first ever social event at Ming’s Café. We spend so much time sweating, pushing and hugging each other, here is a chance to get to know each other minus the workout…maybe. It will be weird, it will be awkward, it may be a little bit uncomfortable but it is guaranteed 100% fun! #Chuckchicken #Crateescape
  • We are still trying to give away some November Project Key tags this month and there are two ways to win.
  • read more

    The Rise of the Superfriends! (LAX)

    Yesterday we feasted so today we fasted! No, wait. I don’t think we did that. That’s not what that means. We have too many leftovers for that. But today we WERE fast! Like SUPER fast!

    Even though the turkey, tofu and stuffing was still heavy in our bellies, we had a gathering of some Super Friends at Pan-Pacific Park to shake out the much of this city and strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere!

    Just look at our own baby sitter, Marion, as she leads the charge for justice!


    But being a hero is an international job and it’s our job to extinguish evil world wide… as evidenced by Elliott representing the good ol’ Union Jack as he ran circles around villainy!


    Together we did a fantastic job of stomping out crime, as evident by these gamma radiated box jumps that even Bruce Banner would be proud of.


    In the end, friendship prevailed as we all entered the Time Tunnel one after another to prove that the city will stand for at least another day! And even though we found ourselves filled with a Thanksgiving feast’s worth of tryptophan, crime doesn’t sleep… so neither do we!

    We’re up with the sun, weatherproof with a smile and a league of heroes unlike any other!


    It doesn’t take much to be a hero in our community. Many of our days and hearts are lifted by sharing in each other’s hugs and smiles. It’s why we #JustShowUp. Let’s take what we practice here as a community of NP Super Friends out into the wider world and spread our love far and wide. Challenge yourself to be a hero, if even in the smallest way, by sharing that positivity with somebody else, no matter how tough the fight. We are strong and we have each other… a true League of Heroes!

    Great job, today, Citizens of NP LAX! Rest in the knowledge that you earned your weekend and got just a little bit stronger in the process!

    And do SUPER, LA!


    • PR Day – Next Wednesday! Race hard! Bring shirts to get tagged!
    • NP Mixer – Next Wednesday night, Bigfoot East, 3172 Los Feliz Blvd at 8PM