The Rise of the Superfriends! (LAX)

Yesterday we feasted so today we fasted! No, wait. I don’t think we did that. That’s not what that means. We have too many leftovers for that. But today we WERE fast! Like SUPER fast!

Even though the turkey, tofu and stuffing was still heavy in our bellies, we had a gathering of some Super Friends at Pan-Pacific Park to shake out the much of this city and strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere!

Just look at our own baby sitter, Marion, as she leads the charge for justice!


But being a hero is an international job and it’s our job to extinguish evil world wide… as evidenced by Elliott representing the good ol’ Union Jack as he ran circles around villainy!


Together we did a fantastic job of stomping out crime, as evident by these gamma radiated box jumps that even Bruce Banner would be proud of.


In the end, friendship prevailed as we all entered the Time Tunnel one after another to prove that the city will stand for at least another day! And even though we found ourselves filled with a Thanksgiving feast’s worth of tryptophan, crime doesn’t sleep… so neither do we!

We’re up with the sun, weatherproof with a smile and a league of heroes unlike any other!


It doesn’t take much to be a hero in our community. Many of our days and hearts are lifted by sharing in each other’s hugs and smiles. It’s why we #JustShowUp. Let’s take what we practice here as a community of NP Super Friends out into the wider world and spread our love far and wide. Challenge yourself to be a hero, if even in the smallest way, by sharing that positivity with somebody else, no matter how tough the fight. We are strong and we have each other… a true League of Heroes!

Great job, today, Citizens of NP LAX! Rest in the knowledge that you earned your weekend and got just a little bit stronger in the process!

And do SUPER, LA!


  • PR Day – Next Wednesday! Race hard! Bring shirts to get tagged!
  • NP Mixer – Next Wednesday night, Bigfoot East, 3172 Los Feliz Blvd at 8PM
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