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Hell Week 1.0 (LAX)

Yep, that’s right LA, we’re bringing Hell Week 1.o to you this August.  Who misses the good ‘ol days of “Hell Week” before school started and you would be out running around in the hot August mornings and evenings, working your butt off, sweating like no other, and bonding with your teammates?   Right, I missed it too.

We may only be working out in the mornings but with 5 golden opportunities to show up, it’s something you don’t want to miss.  There’ll be unique tags for each day and a surprise raffle for folks who make it to all 5 workouts.  Additional details to drop as we get closer but all you really need to know is HERE and below:

Monday: Baxter @ 6am
Tuesday: Baldwin Hills @ 6am (meet at bottom of stairs)
Wednesday: Griffith Observatory @ 5:27 and/or 6:27am
Thursday: Micheltorena @ 6am
Friday: Santa Monica Sunrise 6K @ 6am


For exact pin locations, check out https://tracking.november-project.com/

Big thanks to Vega for coming out and hooking the tribe up this morning!


FRIDAY 8/3 – Meeting at East Griffith (Location in Tracker Here) at 6am.

SUNDAY 8/5 – If you’re looking for something to do Sunday, United LA is hosting a picnic in our backyard – Griffith Park!  All the local running clubs will be present and it’s not only a great way to talk to other folks (yay new friends!) Also, this would be a great time to wear that #grassrootsgear because #alwaysberecruiting. Just saying…

November Project Los Angeles Social Page – For those of you who have been to a workout and are curious for more social activities, feel free to join our B.B. (bulletin board…it may have taken me awhile to figure out this acronym) HERE.

HELL WEEK – Begins 8/13.  More details HERE

Fun Fact: It’s illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland because they get lonely.

Do Good LA. 

Magic at MacArthur + Know Your Tribe (Luke Lombardi)

Oh the places we will go and people we will meet.  This morning we took a leap and tested out a new LA spot by venturing out to MacArthur Park to run and play.  Part of November Project is about putting assumptions aside and trying something new, having fun, chatting with someone you may not have known before, and overall exploring.  Just like life, it’s trial and error and well, who would have known there was a full on playground and soccer turf next(ish) to Downtown LA?

Cool stuff. Speaking of getting to know people, meet Luke Lombardi, one of our 5:30 members who is getting ready to run his first marathon on the 18th!

  • First workout: May 2017
  • Favorite long run fuel/recovery fuel:  Blocks > Goo
  • Angeleno or transplant: The Sunflower State
  • Favorite workout: Griffith Park – Best sunrise in LA
  • Why do you keep showing up?: NP’s actual definition: “nice people”
  • Superpower:  A voracious appetite for hills for breakfast
  • Spirit animal: Have you ever seen a golden retriever puppy with a new squeaky toy?
  • Occupation: Child who spent his time building Lincoln Logs as tall as possible turned professional
  • Any nicknames: Lombo
  • Proudest moment: Raising over $11k as a team for Team Stupid Cancer at last year’s SoCal Ragnar
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    The Rise of the Superfriends! (LAX)

    Yesterday we feasted so today we fasted! No, wait. I don’t think we did that. That’s not what that means. We have too many leftovers for that. But today we WERE fast! Like SUPER fast!

    Even though the turkey, tofu and stuffing was still heavy in our bellies, we had a gathering of some Super Friends at Pan-Pacific Park to shake out the much of this city and strike fear into the hearts of criminals everywhere!

    Just look at our own baby sitter, Marion, as she leads the charge for justice!


    But being a hero is an international job and it’s our job to extinguish evil world wide… as evidenced by Elliott representing the good ol’ Union Jack as he ran circles around villainy!


    Together we did a fantastic job of stomping out crime, as evident by these gamma radiated box jumps that even Bruce Banner would be proud of.


    In the end, friendship prevailed as we all entered the Time Tunnel one after another to prove that the city will stand for at least another day! And even though we found ourselves filled with a Thanksgiving feast’s worth of tryptophan, crime doesn’t sleep… so neither do we!

    We’re up with the sun, weatherproof with a smile and a league of heroes unlike any other!


    It doesn’t take much to be a hero in our community. Many of our days and hearts are lifted by sharing in each other’s hugs and smiles. It’s why we #JustShowUp. Let’s take what we practice here as a community of NP Super Friends out into the wider world and spread our love far and wide. Challenge yourself to be a hero, if even in the smallest way, by sharing that positivity with somebody else, no matter how tough the fight. We are strong and we have each other… a true League of Heroes!

    Great job, today, Citizens of NP LAX! Rest in the knowledge that you earned your weekend and got just a little bit stronger in the process!

    And do SUPER, LA!


    • PR Day – Next Wednesday! Race hard! Bring shirts to get tagged!
    • NP Mixer – Next Wednesday night, Bigfoot East, 3172 Los Feliz Blvd at 8PM

    To PR a J-Baby (LAX)

    For weeks now, our beloved bowl has been closed off to us. Construction has taken over the stairs we happily donate our sweat to on the weekly. Does that stop NP LAX from showing up? You’re damn right it doesn’t. NP is #constructionproof… we run, jump, and crowd surf wherever we can find an inch of space.


    In place of our typical PR day, you took to zee Bitch and made J Baby look like a walk in the park. How often can construction workers say they were given a standing ovation from a ton of colorfully-clad runners as they went about their mornings? It’s all about the little things, and you sure made the morning shine even brighter for everyone around you.

    Let’s not forget our new 5:30 squad, dancing in the dark with their PR’s and coming back for more if time allowed. Additional shout out to our friends from the Madison tribe showing up today, GO BADGERS!

    As KD says – You the real MVP. Go forth and do good LA, we barely even need to tell you how at this point. And that’s the best part.


    FRIDAY – 6:27 am at the Old LA Zoo, near the Merry-go-round