Magic at MacArthur + Know Your Tribe (Luke Lombardi)

Oh the places we will go and people we will meet.  This morning we took a leap and tested out a new LA spot by venturing out to MacArthur Park to run and play.  Part of November Project is about putting assumptions aside and trying something new, having fun, chatting with someone you may not have known before, and overall exploring.  Just like life, it’s trial and error and well, who would have known there was a full on playground and soccer turf next(ish) to Downtown LA?

Cool stuff. Speaking of getting to know people, meet Luke Lombardi, one of our 5:30 members who is getting ready to run his first marathon on the 18th!

  • First workout: May 2017
  • Favorite long run fuel/recovery fuel:  Blocks > Goo
  • Angeleno or transplant: The Sunflower State
  • Favorite workout: Griffith Park – Best sunrise in LA
  • Why do you keep showing up?: NP’s actual definition: “nice people”
  • Superpower:  A voracious appetite for hills for breakfast
  • Spirit animal: Have you ever seen a golden retriever puppy with a new squeaky toy?
  • Occupation: Child who spent his time building Lincoln Logs as tall as possible turned professional
  • Any nicknames: Lombo
  • Proudest moment: Raising over $11k as a team for Team Stupid Cancer at last year’s SoCal Ragnar


TOMORROW (Saturday) March 10th – Free NUUN 5k (Update)

  • NEW meeting location @ Riverview Park Parking Lot, 1999 W 19th St, Santa Ana, CA 92706
  • Parking: There is parking on 19th as well as another lot on 21st.  Street parking is also available!

Sunday March 18th – LA Marathon! There are STILL spots for the Mile 22 Water Station: Sign up here to volunteer!  Awesome way to pump up runners during a tough part of the race!!  Stay tuned for details on a potential poster making party.

GOALS: Feel free to update your goals for the year HERE.

Battle of the Babysitters – Blog Post here for information!  Submissions through the end of March and we’ll be picking lucky folks for a couple of dates in May.

FUN FACT: MacArthur Park is actually the 100th historic cultural monument of Los Angeles and was named after General Douglas MacArthur, who led the Philippine troops during the Second World War.

Do Good LA.

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