Monday Morning On The Rez

This morning was dope.
We met at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir to find out the place we dropped the pin  on the map for y’all to meet us at was 100% under construction. Not in a, “oh there are some cones in the way, maybe we should consider going around them” kind of way. More like a, “Damn scaling this 10′ fence is going to be hard. And we still wouldn’t even get close to where we wanted to be…” kind of way.

So what’d we do? We called an audible. We schemed a workout that would be not only hard but inclusive, and weird, and help push ourselves out of our comfort zone and into better shape. Did I mention it would be hard?

So we ran up and down that tiny* hill that keeps the reservoir from flooding Cleveland Circle.

Run down.
Sit ups.
Run up.
Push ups.

We did that for 5+ minutes, stopped, and threw down a “Predator” run.

2 minutes out along the reservoir path. STOP. Turn around and race everyone home. The idea behind this is everyone self-seeds themselves, and everyone SHOULD be returning back to the starting line right at the same time–that is if you don’t sandbag your way out.

Repeat everything you just read x2, and sprinkle over a few hugs and you have yourself a mighty fine Monday morning DestinationDeck.

Wednesday we’ll be back  at Harvard Stadium in Allston. We know you’ll be there.


Much Love,

– C. Payne


** it didn’t feel so “tiny” after a few reps

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