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It’s happening. We’re all getting a little stir crazy. It’s been weeks without being able to look at the person next to you, give them a quick knowing nod, and race them up that hill, across that field or down those stairs. The #raceeverything hashtag is starting to feel like another language. BUT NEVER FEAR… THE APRIL CHALLENGE IS HERE.




November Project San Diego and LAX have decided to team up to make sure you get that NP fix THREE times a week for the entire month of April! Here’s how it’s gunna work…

  • On Mondays head over to NPSD to kick your week of right. Be ready for some sweat, some laughs and some surprise guests. Be sure to join the zoom link by 6:29 AM or you’ll probably have no idea what’s going on. http://november-project.com/virtual/npsd
  • On Wednesdays head to whichever city you want and join in! (You’ve got ~52 to choose from so NO EXCUSES.)
  • On Fridays, earn your weekend of just #stayhome by joining the NP LAX crew. Your Friday mornings have never looked so good. Join in the fun here: https://november-project.com/virtual/lax
  • Be sure to track your workouts and traverbals here! It’s based on the honor system but we can always hunt you down based on your tinyyyyy Zoom pic so, be honest here. No one likes to virtually fitness with a cheater. https://traverbal.november-project.com/
  • If you make it to ALL the workouts in April… YOU WIN. What do you win you ask?! It might be something, it might be nothing, it might be an extra high five when we see each other again. But… is the prize really what matters?!

Stay Safe, Stay Health, Stay Home.

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