NP_Phx_Family Feud Begins

The Valley of the Sun kicked off May Day in style as NP_Phx_FamilyFeud has officially begun! This morning saw Team Blue, Team Red, Team Yellow, and Team Green duke it out in an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) circuit workout consisting of squats, leg lifts, box jumps, burpees, push-ups and stairs. The desert sun was intense but nothing compared to the focus on the competitors. read more

Phoenix- Let’s Take it From “Cacti” to “Cactus”

Visitors often think the desert looks inhospitable. Well, they’re wrong. My family doesn’t just survive here, we thrive here. Heck, have you seen how my tribe packs the local hills and theater during the summer? True inspiration.

I’ve seen a lot of new years come and go. Think these buff saguaro arms grow overnight? Well, they don’t. I’ve been lucky that my tribe’s awesome workouts keep me looking young, but don’t be fooled, I’ve seen many moons. Between family photosynthesis sessions and binge watching my cousins on Planet Earth, I’ve had some time to reflect this holiday week. read more

Wyatt Adores Stairs

I LVOE NEROMVBE CRTOJPE. That’s not quite right. I LOEV NOEMREBV PRTCOJE. Hmm, that’s not it either. I LOVE NOVEMBER PROJECT. There we go!

Today the November Project Phoenix crew rocked a scrabble-esque workout. 17 stations scattered around our playground, Papago Park Amphitheatre. Each station contained a letter, of which to earn, you completed the respective workout and repetitions. Stairs, burpees, and partner exercises galore were completed to earn those precious letters! Once you had them all, you held a plank and tried to assemble the phrase. read more