More Than (DCA)

Recently, another tribe called us out. If you don’t feel like reading their boring blog post, it sounded something like “we’re better than you even though you have incredible sunrises and monuments and you’re probably faster, stronger, better, Kanye.”

Here’s the thing. We all remember what happened last time another tribe called us out. We CRUSHED them. No offense SD but we were the #FitterCity. Is Boston trying to poke the bear? We’re like America, not trying to get involved in some global war back in the late 30s but if you want to wake a sleeping bear, by all means, be my guest. We even have a bear expert here as one of our leaders so you better start yelling YO, BEAR or we might have to find something to race…as we all know, our motto IS #RaceEverything. Bee Tee Dubs, heard of this thing called the #MotherShift? It might be happening.

But we get it. You’re just jealous of our sunrises, our speed, our bodacious Kim Ks (that’s code for ass here in DC). We’d LOVE to race you. Let’s set a time and a place. Maybe later this week? Is Park City, Utah too far for you?

In all seriousness (no seriously. NO SMILING), this is what makes November Project GOOD SHIT. Like you said, Emily, #FreeFitness is EVERYWHERE. Just gotta open your eyes, grab hold, and ENGAGE. Find it in your city. If you don’t see it, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a few friends together, holding each other accountable, and building positive community. After all, that’s how this thing started.


Summit is coming. Feel left out? You can still be a part of history.

WEDNESDAY: There’s a visitor to DC that may cause some road closures. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION and PLAN AHEAD. We WILL be meeting at the normal spot. However, IF and ONLY IF for some reason the memorial is closed, we will meet here. We’ll give you LIVE updates on TWITTER that morning.

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