The Plan for Utah & The 2015 NPSUMMIT

Well, well, well, the time has come, and ready or not… here we are! Next week, leaders, members, and new recruits from all over North America will make their way from 23 cities to take part in the 2015 November Project Summit in Park City Utah. For those of you who have attended one or more of these events, you’re probably as excited as we are. For those of you who are taking to the road to gather with us for your first time, there are some things to know:

Co-Leaders from the 24 cities that November Project has tribes in will make their way to Park City. After a full day of travel, we’ll gather with just the Co-Leaders to make introductions and to begin trash talking about the race on Saturday.

Friday Morning, Noon, & Night
Pop-Up Workout will take place on the steps of Utah State Capitol building in Downtown Salt Lake City starting at 6:29AM sharp. That’s right, Salt Lake City. The drive into town to host a workout in hopes of building a future tribe in SLC is an opportunity we can not pass up and know that it will be worth the time on the road.

As your fearless leaders are talking about World Takeover all day on Friday, use that opportunity to explore Salt Lake City, Park City, and the rest of Utah. Get some rest on Friday night because the race is hard at elevations well above 7000 feet. Speaking of elevation, make sure that you get plenty of hydration. You’ve been warned.

Saturday Racing
Our main focus for the weekend is The North Face Endurance Challenge event called the Marathon Relay. Many 2, 3, or 4 person teams will dash up and through the mountains on a loop that will bring them back into the transition area where they’ll tag their teammates who’ll do the same. Each team will add up the entire 4 legs into 26 miles of running and share a ton of miles with November Project athletes from around the continent. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no other events going on that day of the following day. For more details check out The Endurance Challenge website.

Plan to race and represent in your city’s #GrassrootsGear. Tip from the pros: seeing/highfiving a fellow NP racer is great boost as your legs start getting heavy and your lungs gasping for air. We will be painting shirts 90 minutes before the race but will stop 20 minutes before the gun goes off to bounce, warm up, and flash our fangs at one another. Don’t be late to any of this.


Saturday Afternoon
Rest. Relax. Hydrate. Or start drinking beers, your call!

Saturday Night
There will be a social. There is always a social. Stay tuned for details.

Travel day. Expect tears as we wrap up the #NPSUMMIT.

Final Recruiting Push
Registration for this race closes on Tuesday 9/22 so if you haven’t already, make sure that you register your team now! Use NP25UT for 25% off. If the race that you want to run in is sold out, register for another longer or shorter one. If you live in Park City area but don’t want to run, come hang out. This is a once a year event that you don’t want to miss out!

What to bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • A giant water bottle
  • As much NP gear as you have painted. The mornings and nights can drop as low as 40 degrees (San Diego has made me so fucking soft by the way). Unless you’re in Edmonton and Winnipeg you haven’t experience these temps since March or maybe never, so plan accordingly.
  • Cash for food and drinks.
  • A smartphone pre-loaded with “#NPSUMMIT” & “ECSUT” & whatever new Oceans23 update we have coming.

See you in Utah!

Oh, one more thing… here’s a sneak peak at the NP stencil for the event. Bring a blank if you want something to commemorate the weekend. Hyped.


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2 Replies to “The Plan for Utah & The 2015 NPSUMMIT”

  1. When is there going to be a group in Utah?? Salt Lake preferably 🙂 I just moved here from Philadelphia and never got a chance to make it a workout in Philly…

  2. Are there any updates on a group starting in Salt Lake? I used to go to the SF group a couple years back and loved it. I would start one myself but I’m a full time grad student and don’t know if I can commit to being a leader (at least not alone).

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