As Seasons Change..

As the seasons change and school starts again, November Project Minneapolis shifts gears as well. Although the mornings are darker, summer hasn’t left us yet. This was crystal clear this morning. The tribe readily embraced our 2-part workout consisting of hill repeats broken up by “hoisties” at the top and burpees increasing by 2’s at the bottom.  That was part 1.


Part 2 consisted of breaking the tribe up into groups of 3 where in these groups, two would do leg throws (one person lies down and lifts their legs straight up while trying to resist their partner’s effort to throw them down towards the ground), and the other partner sprinting on flat ground for ~100 meters and then turning around and coming back. This last little burn out had the tribe out of breath and dripping with sweat, it was awesome.


The tribe climbed the infamous single-track trail back up to the Mill for a couple of announcements and family photo.   Ian “no-BS” B-S received the positivity award this morning, a much-deserved award for kicking a$$ on some hills after a summer away from the US and away from running. Way to go Ian, you are fierce.


The tribe says, “HAYYY!” as they put their hands in the air like they just don’t care! #F*ckYeah


We do Fridays! UMN Boathouse, 6:27am

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SUMMIT is next week! Park City, Utah


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