Yearbook Day

Today was yearbook day. Once a year (rather, whenever corporate decrees) we take weird photos of all our tribe members and send them to corporate (see below).


We’re still not sure what corporate does with these, but I assume they attach them to everyone’s permanent record. If you’re ever in San Diego and have the pleasure of staying at Brogan’s house, wait until he and Goldie go to sleep and then sneak into the ventilation system and follow the engravings on the wall to his secret file room. There you’ll find my permanent record (which, if you know me at all, will ultimately not be shocking) along with a bounty of miscellaneous reading material, including an elaborate collection of vintage pornography . If you’re waiting for your opening and it seems like Brogan is just lying awake in bed late into the night, don’t worry, he actually suffers from severe “hypemares.” It’s a rare but disruptive sleep disorder that causes him to have extremely “righteous” and “far out” dreams. This causes him to loudly encouraging no one in particular using word like “RAD” and “DOPE” and “NIIIIIIIICE bro!” This is actually the perfect time to enter the vents.


Your yearbook photos will be released… eventually. A big THANK YOU to Rebecca Daniels for taking 3,000 photos this morning. You rock!


FRIDAY HILLS: 5:30am & 6:30am at Corona Heights Park. Gonna be a good sunrise. Be there!

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