McEnroe Much? (PHL)

The weather has finally broke in Philadelphia and stifling heat has been traded for cool, comfortable mornings.  A chill accompanied this morning’s darkness and created the perfect atmosphere for our sub-60 minute sweat session.  Today we chased each other up and down the Art Museum Steps as tennis balls rained down containing various workouts:  10 burpees, 15 leg throws, 10 hoistees, sprints, planks…you get the idea…The bounce was bouncey, the hugs were strong and the workout was intense.

The sun peeked over the the city’s skyline and our friends who stayed in bed missed, weather-wise, one of the most beautiful days of the year.  See here’s the thing, when you decide to choose sleep over a workout you miss the chance of something awesome: a strong hug, a new friend, a quality sweat, or simply viewing our city at such an awesomely quiet and serene time.  Few people get to experience our city in such a state — not only did we have that opportunity this morning, but all the while shared sweat, laughs and hugs with 200 of our closest strangers.  Hope to see you Friday at Lemon Hill!


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