Science (YEG)

Welcome to Monday…. dark, icy bridge, Monday. We’ve been on that bridge in much colder weather. In fact, we were on that bridge in our only -30 day last winter. Somehow, it was the slipperyest (real word) it has ever been. The scientest in me says that when cool temperatures and a layer of warm air, combined with the cyclists who don’t wear helmets and fall at the end of bridges meet,  it creates a slick layer of ice on bridge decks. This thing called science does actually exist. I can confirm this because I was in university and when I wore a lab coat, I saw science. It was a controlled environment with placebos and hypothesis, so you can be assured that all procedures were done correctly.

Moving on to more important things… (who am I kidding.. is anything more important that science?)… my computer (computer science – I guess we’re still talking about science), was having a weird chemical reaction this morning and the picture for today’s workout will be delayed. In fact, the pictures may be have evapourated into thin air. It has somethign to do with cold temperatures and a layer of warm air that were inside my computer while I watched a video of a cyclist with no helmet bail at the end of a bridge.

For those going to The Summit, the following two links directly apply to you. This linkThat link.

Wednesday – We have a bunch of tribe members heading to Utah for the NP Summit this week. Feel free to hold your hugs an extra second with them to transfer good luck.

Friday – Since I’ll be with Aunt Jen in Utah, Andrew has a grown-up job, and Tyler (aka Todd) is still on probation, we are leaving Manon and Trent in charge. Play nice.



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