Little kids have the right idea!

What’s better than the smell of a cinnamon roll first thing in the morning?  How about a long linked line of NPSD’ers slowly rolled into a tight, circled, cinnamon roll-like group hug?  Yeah, that might be better.  First we were a cinnamon roll, then we earned our cinnamon roll.  As we hoisteed, burpeed, dipped, push uped, ran, rock-paper-scissored, and rode the slides like little kids, we all pushed one another and strengthened the vibe of our community.


You all showed up, threw down, and had a damn good time doing it together.  Monday earned!

So, in the spirit of our perpetual youth, I leave you with this childhood classic:

 Beans, beans, the musical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot
The more you toot, the better you feel,
So eat your beans with every meal.

Eat your beans, spread your positivity, and give out some high fives.  Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

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Oh hey, guess what!:

Wednesday: Bea Evenson Fountain, Balboa Park 6:29AM #justshowup

#MayhemMondays: Crown Point Park Playground

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