#Dooster_Pledge: Let’s Make a Video Together

At this point if you haven’t heard of of friends from Dooster Film, you haven’t been following November Project closely enough. Instead of us telling you how talented, creative, and easy to work with this duo of childhood friends is, just check out some of their previous November Project work.


Fun fact: unlike some of the leaders that joined November Project family in 2014, and 2015, these dudes have been at every single NPSUMMIT. And just as they’ve done the past few years, they’ll be in Park City, UT filming another of their masterpieces. This time however, to realize their grand vision, they need your perspective. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of #Dooster_Pledge please read below.

Dooster Film is setting out to produce the first November Project community film that will be co-produced with the tribe. If you play your cards right, your material will be a part of the final product.

DISCLAIMER: If your clips do not meet the following standards, they will not be used.

  • HORIZONTAL – if using a smart phone your camera needs to be turned sideways
  • SELFIE Selfie camera is not as good of a quality, so if you’re serious about your #Dooster_Pledge, turn your phone around and shoot your selfies blind with the higher quality, forward facing camera.
  • Camera quality, at least SMARTPHONE or GOPRO

What to Film:

  • Wednesday workout at your local tribe before the trip (the bounce, group photo)
  • Packing for the trip
  • Traveling/airport/arrival
  • SLC Popup Workout
  • RACING. We want to see you struggle; we want to see you kick ass.
  • Party
  • Traveling back home
  • Wednesday workout at your local tribe after the trip

While you’re traveling/racing/partying, take a moment to talk to the camera and share how you’re feeling, whether it’s excitement/triumph or
disappointment/exhaustion. Here are some sample questions that may help:

  • “What event are you racing?”
  • “Why is it worth making the trip to Utah?”
  • “Why is NP special to you?”
  • “What does the NPSUMMIT mean to you?”
  • “What were your favorite moments from the NPSUMMIT 2015?”

Please upload your files through this Dropbox File Request link and name them with your name.

For any questions of problems, please E-mail Dylan (dylanladds[at]dooster.tv) and/or Ryan (ryanscura[at]dooster.tv)


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