Yo Bear! Yooo Beeaarrr!! (DCA)

Someone get the National Park Service on the phone. I saw at least 18 times as many bears this morning at Lincoln Memorial than I did in ALL of Alaska (this trip, all trips, and a lifetime growing up there).

There is no better way to get off a plane (OR out of bed OR wherever you came from this morning) and snap out of vacation land and back into reality like having your alarm go off in the 4th hour, rolling out of bed and being reminded why DC is the sweatiest, fittest, most positive place to be and live and be a bear.


FIERCE like these average sized not terrifying bears.

WEATHERPROOF like this lil’ bear.

Bear-HUGGABLE like this mama.

FAST like this bear.

FRIDAY: meet HERE (I’m aware this pin is IN the pond, let’s make a deal and meet pond-adjacent.)

AND, MEMORIZE THIS for Friday’s bounce. Please, spend lots of your own personal time practicing this.

Bear hugs, paw scratches and WILD LOVE.

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