Stampede Round Up!


Yahoo! So some showed up with their cowboy hats, some showed up after days of being in ‘Cowboys’, ‘Wildhorse’, ‘National’, or making up for missing the weekend of stampeding, and decided last night was a good night to start. Here is the best part, they still showed up. This week, our city changes for 10 days of pure debauchery, we forget everything, we wear jeans all week, and cowboy hats, that are otherwise stuffed away in a closet for the remainder of the year. New tradition started for all of us today. We will sweat it out, and get it in before we start those shenanigan’s all over again.

The bounce was good, we were gonna attempt a line dance, but it appeared we aren’t all cowboys/girls at heart, so instead we shouted loud enough to wake up the city and shake a few recovering brains. We gambled, rolled some dice, sweat and we may have ran. The rest of the time, we didn’t have any fun. We didn’t try to climb our way out of a bowl, we didn’t spray water, and we didn’t laugh. Nope that would mean we had fun, and that just doesn’t happen. Or does it? Can’t remember, how that goes.

I had this weird epiphany yesterday driving (seems to be when I have all my epiphanies). November Project, is so profound, so real, and why? What makes it, well it? Community? Absolutely. Hugging a stranger? Yep. Real people? yes. Even more so, human interaction is so powerful. The effect that one human can have on another, the impact that a group can have on one person. Human touch, human cheer, humans smiling and laughing together, so impactful. We show up, and yes, some its just a workout, but by the end of it, you realize just what it really is. Its that little bit of magic among people, that creates community, togetherness, unity, that brings you back. The sweat, the workout, that’s a bonus.

YYC, you make me smile, laugh, work, sweat, you make this what it is. Do you, be you, be bigger than you, be unstoppable, and keep showing up, spread the good vibes that NP is all about! Happy Stampeding my Peeps!

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