Panthers, Jaguars, lions, cheetahs, pumas, Tigers.  We entered the jungle as mere humans, and left wild animals!  Prey of the jungle beware, November Project San Diego is FIERCE!

And we will use that ferocity to spread the NP movement.  First step, take over the NorthFace Endurance Challenge.  Then, THE WORLD!! #worldtakeover.

These races are incredible, and generally turn into giant NP parties.  Most NPers competing will be running the marathon relay (2 person team or 4 person team).  #ECSUT in Park City, UT will be a part of the November Project SUMMIT, and #ECSCA in San Francisco will be a massive west coast NP extravaganza!  Form your teams, sign up, get race ready, and get hyped!






News & junk:

Monday:  Kissing Statue, Embarcadero, 6:29AM

COSPLAY5K:  Bust out that costume you’ve been dying to wear, and get ready to race!  Meet at the Embarcadero Marina Park behind the Convention Center, 6:29AM.  Show up early.  Costumes required.  Let’s have some fun with this and show all the tourists at Comic Con what San Diego is made of!




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