San Fermin in Nuevo Orleans



First off we want to congratulate the Women’s soccer team. Way to kick some serious ass on Sunday. Can you imagine what they would be like on some stairs?!? Maybe one day one of the tribe will find out!


Now to the more important stuff…Today we prepared the tribe for San Fermin in Nueva Orleans. Cameron began our bounce by asking everyone to get their bull horns out and turn to a member close to them and tell that person they are “UnBULLevably” awesome! That got everyone in the right mindset for the running of the bulls November Project Style. There was running, push-ups, mountain climbers, and jump squats involved in the workout. We couldn’t call it the running of the bulls if the workout didn’t have some bulls involved. The new tribe members were given noodles and told to hit the first person they saw. The bull and the runner had to hug it out and the victim of the beating had to do 5 burpees. I guess we have a different type of bulls in New Orleans!





Hopefully this prepared the Tribe for the Running of the Bulls New Orleans style this weekend. Don’t forget to register for this epic event that involves running, drinking and the Rollerbulls of New Orleans.
The website to register is:

Our Positivity Award goes to Mickey (El Padrino), the Godfather of San Fermin en Nuevo Orleans! Thanks for making us a better tribe and for building an awesome event that is uniquely New Orleans. Buena suerte este fin de semana nuestro amigo!!!


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