Countdown to Pluto (BAL)

I’m not really sure what Countdown to Pluto actually means, but we did run past a sign that said it all morning at the Maryland Science Center, and I started to reminisce. When Pluto was stripped of its title of the ninth planet, there was a public outcry. People made tshirts, speeches, and Facebook pages, from children to space crazies. It was a catastrophe. Pluto – the underdog in both the space world and the Disney world. Poor Pluto, the only animal in Mickey Mouse’s gang that couldn’t speak. Goofy can talk and chat and do dumb things, what about Pluto?!  …..digression


This morning tested the tribe’s strength in the form of stairs, burpees, and the whole new world that is the Maryland Science Center (& Countdown to Pluto). If you thought the last few weeks of humidity were bad, I’m sure you took back that thought the instant you saw your shirt after your first round of stairs, and then you had 3 more to do. But that didn’t stop y’all from getting all crazy enthusiastic and hoiste-ing your way from here until the sun. Which is a really long way apparently.


Big ups to Hanley for securing the positivity award this week after the stick’s book tour absence. This lady is fierce, positive, a double-verbaler, and a ball of fun.


Say hey to 5:30 crew this week. And all the newbies. And all the vets. Because the tribe is growing BIG because you are sharing the news about #FreeFitness to all. And about Pluto. Make sure you find out what that means.


Final announcement: your parents are out next week. Be on the lookout for your babysitters and be nice to them. Maybe. 

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