Free Fitness Does Not Get You Out Of Tickets (SF)

On the way home from Fort Mason this morning, I was only a few blocks from my apartment when the red and blue lights began flashing behind me. Because I am nothing but a law abiding citizen, I pulled over for the cop to drive by, so he could go get those bad guys.

But instead he pulled up right behind me. I hit my steering well and yelled an obscenity. My father would be proud.

According to this officer I pulled out in front of a person crossing the street with a cooler at the corner of Mission and 16th. I couldn’t seem to take him seriously though as he refused to make eye contact with me. I did everything other than get out of the car to try and get in his line of vision, but he downright refused to look at my sweat soaked hair and glistening forehead. I think he knew as much as I how much of a BS ticket this was. 7:35 AM on a Monday. Oy.

So instead of breaking into tears and pleading my case, I explained to him that I was coming from a FREE fitness workout that I help lead. It’s FREE, and some people even think it’s good for the COMMUNITY. Still no eye contact. Did you know we are in 20 cities? 20 CITIES. Handing him my license and registration, I knew this boat was sinking fast. Noticing he had no wedding band on I expanded; a lot of people have met there! It’s a lot of fun!

Oh, are you guys up in Pac Heights on Wednesdays? We get complaints there.

Nope, not us! How much is the ticket? Thank you officer.


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