ONE TRIBE or “suck it DC, we have monuments too”

We are one tribe.  It started as one.  Here in Boston.  We’re the original tribe and it’s pretty cool.  But then there were 3, and 5, and 17 and now 24 as of last Wednesday.  Can you name them all?  Seriously.  pause for a minute and see how many NP Tribes you can name.  There are 5 in Canada now (that’s a hint!)

I dare you to challenge someone else at NP to have a “tribe-off.”  You both write down the names of as many NP tribes as you can, as fast as you can.  Whoever gets more correct wins.  If you both get all 24 correct, whoever did it the fastest wins.  On your mark, get set, GO!

Now, I only challenge you to do this, because we ARE in fact one tribe–which is exactly why we have things like #NPSummit 3.0.  While we workout in 24 different cities every week, we are stronger and more fierce because we know that 23 other cities are showing up just like us. And when we go to any of those cities, we have a family there to welcome us, embrace us, and remind us that NP hugs are everywhere.  The culture of “Fuck Yeah” is everywhere.  And free fitness is everywhere, we just have to show up.  Summit allows everyone who goes to see the faces and hug the bodies of people from all those other tribes, and to strengthen the connections–the COMMUNITY we have together.  Because NP isn’t about doing anything alone.  We do this shit together.  #Summit Week in Boston is about strengthening our community as a NP_BOS tribe, and rallying our strength for Friday and this weekend, both at NP Summit in Utah, and right here in Beantown.

Today we had an amazing start to #SummitWeek!  Bunker fucking Hill #DestinationDeck was amazeballs.  We were loud, we had fun, we ran around a lot, got a little weird, and we definitely, definitely showed a not-free fitness group that #freeFitness is where it’s at.  I mean, we weren’t rude or disrespectful.  We didn’t shove any of our fun, weirdness, or incredible community in their faces.  But we definitely hoistied on one side of their group, did cartwheels on the other side of their group, and we did not quiet our voices, or our unstoppable spirit, just because they were there.  I’m pretty sure they’ll be showing up on Wed at the stadium.  For free.

The workout was a 14 min circuit with 5 parts.  Track your laps around the course in the tracker to get credit for being at day 1 of #SummitWeek. With partners, we ran down the path & stairs in front of the monument, then up the stairs and raced our partners back up the path to the monument fence.

partner race

Part 2 was to run out to the corner of the park and do 10 jumping jacks, then run back into the monument.  Part 3: run out to the back corner of the park and do 10 partner pushups.

parter pushups

We ran behind the monument, sometimes through the sprinklers, where Part 4 had us do at least 2 cartwheels up the hill. (more photos in the FB album).  We ran back into touch the monument fence, then ran back out to the front corner of the park for 5 hoisties.  Final run back into the monument before repeating the circuit.

Then 1 minute of all out burpees for a fun, well-rounded DD.  There might have been a throw down between Bojan and Alice, and it was dirty to watch.  But I enjoyed it.

So, the title of the blog is a little strong.  I want to explain: We realized that the NP_DC tribe gets all kinds of social media #hype for the beautiful photos of their “monuments,” but we needed to remind DC, and remind the world that we have monuments too.  We have Bunker fucking Hill and we summited the shit out of it today.  And so we love you DC, we really do.  Kaelan, we think you’re cool and fun and we’re all looking forward to meeting you and seeing you, Steve & Danny in Utah.  But we think you’re letting your monuments speak for you a little too much, and we’re just friendly-like reminding you that, ahem, suck it, we have monuments too.  We’ll see you with our toes on the line at Summit.  Love you guys.

Boston TRIBE!  #TheTribeIsStrong and we’ll see you at the Stadium on Wed for #SummitWeek part 2.  What will you summit? VERBAL now.

PS. Emily…we will miss you and SD will love you.  Thanks for trying “fluffy bunny” with a banana.

Emily Palmer

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