Home is where… (Guest Blog) – VB

PA Winner – Elizabeth

For most of my life, I called Northern Virginia home. I was born there, grew up there, went to school, etc. Whenever someone would ask me where I was from, I’d say Northern Virginia.  Arguably the best part of Virginia….or so I thought until recently.

In 2016, I took a new position within the university I worked for and moved to Virginia Beach. I already had some great friends living there, but I knew I wanted to venture out into my new hometown to see what it had to offer.  I joined an amazing book club but was still looking for some way to stay active. read more

You’ll Always Remember Your First (VB)

You’ll always remember your first… rain workout.  Picture it, your alarm just went off, you rolled over and can hear the rain on your windows. In that moment you chose that you were still going to show up. Go back to that moment, can you still feel it? The groan as you get up out of your warm bed and the constant second guessing of your decision. “Am I actually going to go out there today?!” “Maybe I should just get back in bed.” “Nobody is going to show up today anyways.” read more

My First Half – A Guest Blog by Jennifer Murberg (VB)

I fucking did it, I completed my very first half marathon and I feel like a fucking badass! After 15 weeks of training and being consistent with all of the things. The day finally came where I had to put all that training to good work. I felt sick as a dog on Friday & I actually had an anxiety attack the night beforehand, even with all the training. It wasn’t easy, but I had a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again. I didn’t hit a wall and on mile 12 which was awesome considering I usually hit my wall around mile 7. I was so happy to see my time under the 3 hour mark too!!! 
read more

Being Thankful (VB)

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. There’s nothing better. What other day of the year are you surrounded by family, eating all the delicious food you can stomach, AND football is on all day!? It’s my own personal heaven. In recent years, my favorite holiday has improved by the addition of “Friendsgiving”. It’s all the great things about Thanksgiving, but instead you surround yourself with friends who feel like family. read more

Why NP Cheer Stations are AMAZING! (Guest Blog)-VB

Hi! I’m Jennette. You may know me as Rainbow, or Rainbow Unicorn. I’m an introvert with social anxiety who loves cats. I have probably told you way more about cats than you ever wanted to know. But that’s not why I’m here, writing this blog to you. I’m here to ask you to join your fellow tribe members at the Harbor Lights Half Marathon and 10K cheer station 11/24/19. If you are running the race, like I am, you will have the joy of running past a pretty ridiculous group of people cheering your name.  read more

This is Bernard signing off (VB)

Dearest NPVB,

Hi. My name’s Bernard (Hi Bernard *clap clap*) and I’m glad you’re here.

A lot of memorable events happen in life that really leave a lasting impression on you, like graduating college or buying your first car.  This, however, is in a league of its own.  Not only was I lucky enough to find NP, I had the privilege of co-leading this city.  From my first workout on Pi day to this summer’s Hell Week to my final bounce, to say that these are memorable events is a severe understatement. read more

Just KEEP Showing UP (VB)

We are several weeks into fall and it is sad to say, many of our friends have fallen for the tricks of the seasonal change. Who Me? Yes, I see you laying under your down comforter reading this. It’s OK, we aren’t here to throw shade, we have all been there. It’s dark AF out and you are pretty sure that you’re probably going to have to wear an actual jacket if you go to the workout tomorrow.  You lay in bed scrolling Instagram, debating in the back of your mind if you REALLY want to go to Wednesday’s workout. You are pretty sure your friend has to work early, so he won’t be there, and your ankle has been kind of tweaked lately. “Ah, I’ll just skip it tomorrow. Only once.” you say. But then, something really terrible happens… you do that shit again on Friday, because it is so much darker and colder on Friday. Before you know it, the stores are putting out green shamrocks and you have missed your NP family most of the winter. Not to mention your jeans haven’t fit in a month. read more

Bad Break Up (Guest Blog) – VB

Our love started in the spring of 2003.  It was a hot flame that burned fast and bright.  It’s all I could talk about, the relationship consumed me and my life revolved around it.  I kept wanting more from the relationship and kept pushing for it to go further.  Every decision that I made was designed to keep this relationship strong; what I ate, when I went to sleep, my weekend plans, what I spent my money on, and eventually even my career.  I would drive at ungodly hours to meet up with strangers that I met online.  I was changing my clothes in public restrooms.  Friends who didn’t want any part of it, fell by the wayside.  I started hanging out with completely different people.  My family couldn’t understand why I was obsessed, but for me it was crystal clear.  I was completely infatuated and in love.  This relationship became my identity, it’s who I was.  Even now, after the break-up, I’m still holding on to feelings.  I still hold hope that we can reunite one day.  read more

We Need Your Help With Science!

November Project Members embrace at Pre-Boston-Marathon workout

If you scroll through the blog, it’s filled with nearly eight years of stories that illustrate how November Project transforms lives for the better. Thousands have joined workouts around the globe and discovered a community that is growth-minded, yet it meets you where you are at. Newbies, originals, and regulars inspire one another to show up, work hard, and challenge their limits. Whether your experience with November Project motivated you to get moving on frigid mornings, take on your first triathlon, or dive deeply into the world of stair running, we’re elated by your journey, and we’d like to hear from you. We know that it works, but the policy makers, bean counters, and exercise nerds of the world need data if we want to see our movement grow!

November Project is teaming up with Dr. Evan Johnson at the University of Wyoming Division of Kinesiology and Health to understand, investigate, and quantify how this free fitness movement translates to physical activity habits outside of our early morning workouts. Specifically, we’d like to measure NP participants’ feelings of fitness independence both within NP workouts and within your own workouts. We are looking for people who have attended at least one November Project workout within the past three months. This study will be conducted through online questionnaires and an optional phone interview, requiring a total of 25 to 60 minutes of your time. You can take the first step by clicking on this link. We (including the researchers) appreciate your time and can’t wait to share what you tell us!

If you have questions about your rights as a research subject, please contact the University of Wyoming Institutional Review Board Administrator at 307-766-5320.

“Akwo Tacos” Guest Blog Matt M (VB)

This one is for all the quiet and shy people. The introverts. The socially awkward. The awko tacos. The loners. The people at social gatherings that go straight to the back and hide in the corners away from everyone else.

This one is for all the people that dread early mornings. The night owls. The people that set a bajillion alarms and press snooze a million times. read more