Keepin It Fresh (VB)

It’s been a minute since my last blog, and I want y’all to know, it ain’t always easy keepin it fresh. Curating content, writing rhymes, hyping the hype, creating new banger workouts; these things are all essential tasks as a leader. Having all that shit on point, capturing incredible photos and growing a movement in your city…that’s what us leaders call “Crushing It”! 

PAUSE: This is not a bitch session, play the tape through! UNPAUSE

I just wanted to give you a peek into the life of leadership. We have Wednesday & Friday morning workouts to plan, and actually TRY to come up with something creative, quirky, possibly a disaster but ultimately a way to get your body moving. Once you have a basic idea then you have to hype it. Search the archives on Facebook for a photo that captures your vision for the next workout. “Oh, that one is good! Wait, no can’t use that one, there are way too many pictures of THAT guy lately.” Draft some catchy caption, remember to actually post all of the important info, and then drop that shit early AF,  because that’s when our people expect it. 

The Bounce! Oh the bounce. Y’all know it is my favorite thing right along side of Friday Funnies, but it is a cornerstone of any NP workout. So I dig and dig for something new, something relative to the workout, and not 100% terrible. I practice said bounce in the car on the way home from work, in the bedroom with Marleigh as my VB tribe. I have actually hurt myself practicing a bounce the night before! (So lame but true!!!) Sometimes you guys eat up a bounce, and other times you maul it, but who the fuck cares, we got the morning started right!

The workouts are tricky. We have the mighty sun god that dictates how & where we will workout throughout the year. Stuck in the parking lot for months? Sorry guys, the top of the hill is like the dark side of the moon & y’all love tripping in sinkholes. So we come up with something to keep you safe yet get you sweating. Some workouts are generic and others have props. Many involve partners because we want you people to meet someone new and actually get to know that person. Yeah sometimes we make you run, up or around or a lot. Sometimes one of you pukes, and that is what really puts a smile on my face. On other days some of you don’t show up. Sally decided to stay in bed, Robert is sick and Bert had to work, yet we notice you aren’t there. We missed you. Workout is over, everyone line up, here are some announcements and ready, set, smile…wait no straight face, snap the group picture. And then everyone is gone! The parking lot is like a ghost town. 

I sit in my car and try to digest what the hell just happened. Did the workout go as planned? I think people looked like they were having fun, I heard lots of laughing, sometimes grunting, lots of “Fuck Yeah’s”. 

No one got hurt, one guy did his first burpee, and dozens of people started their day with movement and positivity. I file this Wednesday under SUCCESS. 

Drop those edited photos on the socials, insert quirky caption, post a story or two and head to the office to start my real job. 

The commitment to lead November Project must come from the heart. I spoke to a very wise leader yesterday that said, “experienced leaders like us could show up hungover with a bag over our head and put on a good NP workout”. (Now if I show up hungover we’ve got some major problems, so let’s just say I have two bags over my head!) BUT, we don’t want to just lead “good” workouts, we want to give you AMAZING workouts. Ones that you go and think about at work, tell your friends about over lunch and dream about when your head hits the pillow. I want to keep it F R E S H! So I’ll keep pushing myself each and every week to make November Project Virginia Beach the best damn NP city around. This Shit Is Good!!!

~Love, Jill

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  1. Your dedication is amazing! Your attitude is contagious! I love NP, but I tend to “hibernate” in the winter! 🥶 I miss all of you and WILL be back! Thank you for your commitment to lead November Project Virginia Beach!

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