Badass Unicorn Intentions

Happy 2020 everyone! What a beautiful day for everyone to be badasses and unicorns. No basic unicorns were seen today!

It’s that time of year again where it’s time to make new year’s resolutions! Or I guess that time has passed and now it’s time to start implementing your new year’s resolution. 

There’s all of these statistics about how less than 10% of New Year’s Resolutions are achieved and how most people drop off after the last month and I wanted to look deeper into it. We ARE an exercise community after all. I’m sure that a lot of you have your own resolutions, both people who come all the time and people who have never come to NP. So I looked at the main reasons why most people dip out after a month to see how we could all be better at bettering ourselves and those around us. I’m going to write more about them but before I do, I want to make a resolution for NP Columbus. I want us as a community to have a resolution all together that we can work as a team to accomplish, all year round. 

First things first, let’s talk about the nomenclature of the word resolution. I looked it up and a resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not to do something”. That’s great but maybe for our purposes, it’s not super helpful. Making a firm decision is great but how am I supposed to implement that? What am I supposed to do with this decision? I know we use the term #justshowup but how do i #justdomynewyearsresolutioneffectively? Yikes @ that hashtag. So I poked around and found a word I liked much more. 


An aim or a plan. 

I can get on board with that. A plan with a dynamic roadmap of how we’re going to continually put words into actions every day of the year. There’s no “accomplishing” a new year’s resolution. But setting an intention is more of a commitment to trying your best every day, which is going to look different on different days. Allowing yourself to be kind for when you don’t hit the mark. 

So here is what I’d like our intention to be: #recruiteveryone 

First reason people don’t stick with their “intentions” is because they do it out of societal expectation, instead of having personal passion to implement something into your life and routine. So I want to use not just my words but other people’s words about why they #justshowup and why others should too!

“The love, energy, positivity, encouragement, and hugs have made Wednesday’s the high point of my week. 

Rule number one to Crushing It;

Just show up

Rule number two to Crushing It;

There are no rules to Crushing It. 

You do you, whatever you can do.”

“Even for introverted night owls, Crushing It is an amazing motivator. Working hard alone is admirable, working hard together is empowering. Hi-fives and sweaty hugs make Wednesdays so much better.”

“This is like nothing you have ever experienced. Shake off any preconceived notions and dive head first! Just show up! Well handle the rest :).”

I like the people. It’s kind of like a drug. Once you get your first fix, you want to keep coming back for more.

“I felt so welcomed at the first workout I attended. I absolutely love the environment of encouragement and excitement that has been created. I laugh every time I go at the silliness and I’m getting a great strength work out at the same time. Plus, the community part. Honestly, it’s all my favorite part”

Whatever the reason may be. Make it something close to your heart. Something that will light the passion in your heart to keep showing up and to bring others with you. The leaders aren’t what make the community. It’s each and every one of you. The people who have never shown up but watch our social media from afar (YES YOU!), the people who have come a few times, the people who come every week! Every person makes our community stronger. We are stronger in diversity. We are stronger in persistence. We are stronger in friendship. And that means that it is up to each and every one of us to keep the fire alive. In ourselves but in other people too! 

Second reason, intentions don’t work out is we set lofty and unspecific goals! I want to work out more, I want to eat healthier, I want to spend less time on my phone, etc. But how? And when? And where? And with whom?

Here are some specific examples of how we can #recruiteveryone this year: 

  • Talk to someone new about NP each week. 
  • When asking the secretary at the office how they are, ask if they like to exercise! If they don’t, ask if they would be interested in incorporating it into their lives!
  • Convince someone you run with on another day that they have to try this crazy workout group just one time! And if they hate it they’ll never have to come back again. They’ll come back 😉 

Find something that is realistic. Try to find someone to recruit every Sunday and just pick one person. If it’s unsuccessful, that’s okay! It’s about trying. Putting yourself out there. And offering community to others that may not have it.

Third reason intentions don’t work. Sometimes we don’t have the support of our community to accomplish our intentions. THIS we have in spades, but you have to offer the information up in order to have people support you. I hope you learned about some people’s intentions today and you shared some as well! 

Last thing is, never let your intention become a chore. It is a blessing to be alive and surrounded by amazing human beings (and other creatures!) Let’s spread some positivity into the world. I know things get dreary when you watch the news or even see how people interact. But if you’re able to light your little candle and walk into that darkness, especially together…we’ll be able to light this bitch up. 


  1. Happy birthday Stuart, Jake, Katie, and zs
  2. FOMO @ everyone going to snow globe
  3. Come out this Friday to Cosecha for a social (ish)
  4. Shout out to everyone who participated in the Special Olympics Training this past weekend, if you are interested in being a part of that message Morgan or Stuart. 
  5. See y’all next week! <3 
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