WTF am I doing?

It’s Wednesday. It’s 5:45am. My Alarm clock is belting “Forever Young” by Alphaville. It’s minus too much outside. It’s snowing. WTF am I doing? Every part of my body and most of my brain is saying to me that the time for morning burpees was in the Alphaville days. Its not 1984 anymore. I’m not a kid anymore. It’s time to hit snooze and stay in bed. But that was only most of my brain saying that… there is that tiny voice that starts with a whisper and slowly grows with each electronic pulse belting over the speak until I can no longer hear “go back to bed” and can only hear “JUST SHOW UP!!!”. This is November Project.

Why would a perfectly sane person set an alarm clock for 5:45am to go exercise in the snow at 6:29am you ask? I’ll admit that it took me a couple seasons to accept the fact that November Project was not seasonal. I was definitely a May to October guy and my journey began in the summer of 2015 when pioneer tribe member Jon Newman invited me to join him and his work colleague, Kim Jollymore, at the base of Knox mountain. “It will be fun” he said. Guess what? it was more than fun. It was amazing!!! Well not the beginning. I pained with each sprint, I cried with each jumping jack and I questioned if I would ever feel normal again with each burpee. But I also laughed… a lot. It was fantastic and after 45min I felt superb… and ready for coffee.

It’s been an incredible journey growing with this group from the first days at Knox where we had to legitimize that free public exercise in a park of a city that promotes health and eco-tourism was a positive for the community and not a public nuisance, to now being settled at the sails where we work out alongside the Mayor. So many wonderful people doing amazing things for our city and environment. During these years my family and I have also had the opportunity to visit other tribes in locations such as Toronto, Chicago and Phoenix. It’s always a blast to walk up to a group you have never met and immediately have that common ground that creates a bond and sense of community. This leads me to my favorite part of November Project. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you believe in, what your level of fitness is or what your give a rats ass level is at for that morning. Nobody cares but everyone supports. We have a gift in Kelowna with truly remarkable tribe leadership that ensure every morning starts with a bounce, a “fuck ya”, some high fives and hugs with friends to get the juices flowing.

Even at 6:29 on a freezing shitty snowy morning. We are up. We are together. We are a tribe.
November Project YLW
Just Show UP!!!


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