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#NPSummit 2020

If you haven’t already requested the time off of work and made the plans to forego your weekly coffee to save up cash for #NPSummit, now is a great time to start.  Every single November Project city will be gathering in Minneapolis, MN the weekend of October 2-4, 2020. Weekend highlights will include racing on Saturday and cheering on Sunday, and to encourage that game plan, we’re here to offer you 15% off registration for any Saturday races with code 20GRNVMBER15.  What race distances do you have to choose from?  Glad you asked. There’s a 10K and a 5K option. Also, bookmark this page where updated information will be posted as it’s available:

Note:  The price for the race will go up with every 2-4 thousand signups, so if you’re dollar conscious, the best deal will be on March 5th as soon as the race opens!  Commit now, plan logistics later! Do that thing that no one does anymore and give a definite yes #verbal instead of a maybe #merbal and wait to see if something better happens that week  (there won’t be). However, if you’re nervous and hate saving money and making plans 6 months in advance, the 15% off deal lasts, but the March 5th registration price will not. All Sunday distances will be full price. 

No Coast 2020

Does October seem like a long time to wait to see some other November Project cities?  Couldn’t agree more. Get your fix at No Coast 2020 hosted in Grand Rapids, MI.  Book your hotels/AirBnBs now, or check out the Google Sheet and plan to stay with an NPGR host.  Here’s the schedule of events:


  • 7 PM EST:  GRCC Track – opening ceremonies of our weekend “N-Olympics” and shake out run
  • Immediately after our shakeout New Holland Brewing – dinner/drinks/carb loading


Recruitment Challenge Winner

If you missed the last Wednesday workout of February then you missed witnessing the squad of newbies who rolled up at 6:18am.  Pablo absolutely crushed the recruiting challenge by bringing six new faces. Know what my favorite part was? When one of those new faces came back again on Friday to take on PR Day.  Shoutout to our runners up Sue and Tim who recruited old faces and new faces over the month. Good vibes beget good vibes, so even though the chance to win Brooks swag is over that doesn’t mean you have to stop inviting everyone you meet to #justshowup. 

Pablo’s Squad

The Elephant in the Room:  Coronavirus COVID-19

We’re not health officials nor are we doctors, but so far as November Project Chicago is concerned, we are not at the stage where we feel we need to cancel group workouts.  Here’s an NPR podcast that I found calming and helpful, and here’s some information from the CDC.  In general here’s our plan of action: 

  • Wash your hands
  • Limit physical contact – less hugs, less high fives, less partner exercises (less hoistees!), more fist bumps, more elbow knocks, more verbal encouragement 
  • Experiencing flu-like symptoms?  #JustStayHome

New Wednesday Workout Location

You probably saw it on the socials and thought, “Where’s Seward Park?”  And then you immediately looked it up and thought, “Isn’t that Cabrini-Green?” and maybe, just maybe, you also thought, “is it safe?”  Here’s a little Chicago history. Cabrini-Green was a public housing project built between 1942 and 1962 on the site of Chicago’s first slum neighborhood.  Poverty and crime have long been associated with the area, and over the years poor planning, physical deterioration, and managerial neglect, coupled with gang violence, drugs, and chronic unemployment created terrible living conditions for the residents. As the surrounding neighborhoods experienced economic growth and prosperity, the real estate of Cabrini-Green became more valuable to developers.  When the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development took over management in 1995, the original public housing high rises were demolished between 1996 and 2011, and the area was redeveloped under the City of Chicago’s Plan for Transformation. Part of the site was added to Seward Park, and construction of new, mixed-income housing was developed on the remainder. Today there’s a Target down the street, as well as affordable housing, other retail shops and luxury homes.  And, most importantly, a Panera for post workout coffee.  

Still wondering why we chose this park?  First, it’s new to NPCHI–we’ve never worked out here and we’re excited to explore the space over the next few months.  Second, it’s full of features that we can use to make the city our gym and playground–benches, basketball courts, baseball diamond, concrete, grass, fountains, and an actual playground.  Third, it’s close to public transportation, Divvy stations and has parking. Fourth, we believe in inclusivity and engaging in our city, and this is one small way to do that. Fifth, did we mention there’s a Panera across the street?  Gotta get those rewards (#notanad). Sixth, this neighborhood could do with an injection of our positive vibes. So jump on the L or the bus or a bike or form a run crew and we’ll see you on Wednesdays in the middle of the park.

Seward Park, 6:18am, every Wednesday in March, April and May
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