NP SUMMIT journal — reflections from a November Project kinda weekend in The Vegas

A large group photo after a Kesha concert.
Just a small NP picture after a Kesha concert in Vegas.

What happens in Vegas … will not stay in Vegas — at least not in the NP world. Last weekend, a fearless group from DC joined hundreds of others decked out in grassroots gear representing 52 cities from around the world at the 7th annual November Project SUMMIT. To say this was a different kind of Vegas trip would be an understatement. Sure, there were pools and perhaps some gambling, but mostly there was a lot of running, hugging, high-fiving and community. We asked those who made the trip to sum it up succinctly or with a favorite memory, and to send us a picture. Here goes. read more

Evacuation Plan: Escape Florence [VB]

We Made It!! 

Virginia Beach hurricane Florence evacuation plan: travel as far as you can to the middle of the country for the hypest gathering of free fitness badasses from around the world. We may have had to change our flights or drive over 15 hours, but we made sure we wouldn’t miss this years annual November Project Summit 6.0 in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The VB crew rolled in 12 deep, missing two stranded friends (sorry Emily & Herb; we missed your asses like crazy) and we’re ready to show the NP world that, “Yes, there REALLY is a tribe in Virginia Beach”. read more


November Project San Diego

You know, sandwiched between Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 of Coachella, you can’t help but plan your own little mini fitness festival.

Coming back from Coachella, I kept thinking about a phrase that kept coming up at our camp – “This isn’t No-chella.” Aside from being a terrible double negative, it’s a good reminder to reflect on what experiences are about and to understand that every experience is different for everyone.

To be frank, today’s Coachella-themed workout wasn’t any particular grand plot to talk about community and connection and blah-blah-blah. I was just hyped on doing something relevant. But there are some lessons to be taken away from today, most importantly of which is the fact that we all did it together, with some of our best friends and favorite acquaintances.

November Project San Diego

That’s one of the most incredible things about November Project. You’re never alone. This is a family to many. And there are so many of us who have been able to get through some of the toughest times with love and support because of this community. And that’s a celebration worth attending every week.

November Project San Diego

Speaking of festivals, let’s also talk a little bit about #NPSUMMIT. Do it. Just. Show. Up.

November Project Summit is an opportunity to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of tribe members from across the 45 different tribes across the WORLD. This is a family that transcends borders and timezones, and it’s full of weirdos just like you and me. So if you have the opportunity, grab 1, 2, or 3 teammates for the Marathon Relay, or just show up, get some hugs, cheer people on, and soak in the energy. It’s worth it.

September 14-15 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Details and DISCOUNT CODES are here. People from all across the 45 tribes planning housing, travel, and looking for teammates are here.

Be bright, tribe. We’re family.