February Recruiting Challenge (CHI)

Introducing new faces

Chiberia amiright?  It’s cold. It’s dark.  It’s snowy/slushy/icy. This is that time of year when those new year’s resolutions start to wear off, and gym membership dies down.  We start hibernating, planning tropical vacations, and considering becoming snowbirds that winter at NP San Diego. Instead of that negative energy, we want to flip the switch and throw out some positivity this February by challenging you to a recruitment challenge.  If you’re not having fun this winter, it’s because you’re not with us. We want to help your friend, your coworker, your roommate, your bus seat-mate, that random girl in the bar bathroom that you had a really intense conversation with…you get the idea…we want to help everyone in Chicago have a little more fun this winter.   read more

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read All About It!

Who the hell gave Mel a MEGAPHONE???

Well, it’s finally Spring. It’s finally back to “normal” Vancouver weather, and we are seeing some familiar faces return from their winter hibernation … AND WE LOVE IT!!

Things are becoming EXTRA awesome here in VanCity … The month of April is going to be HUGE for us!! read more

I like the way you work it! Go PVD!

Here in Providence, we have had the threat of thunderstorms for days – you can cut the humidity with a knife. Yet our tribe is determined, and showed up to crush stairs for PR day – for 40 minutes, we pushed ourselves and earned the drenched shirts and sweaty glows!

We had a surprise guest join us  – Johnny Villella, a videographer for WPRI Channel 12, heard about the hype and joined us at 5:27am to see if it was real. He shared that the vibrancy, excitement, and the vibe was contagious! He could not believe how many people got up before dawn to challenge themselves for a PR on the Rhode Island State Capitol! He took the time to interview a few tribe members. To hear them share the joy, camaraderie and energy they receive and how much they look forward to Wednesdays was inspiring – it reminded me of how good this is, and how much we can benefit each other by getting out of our comfort zones by sharing a hug, a smile and a laugh!

We are reminded that this movement is real, the friendships that are forming are strong, and the transformation in our community is happening! We welcome you to share WPRI’s Street Stories, which will air Friday, July 27th at 6:15pm, where others can get a glimpse of the magic or recruit them to #justshowup next Wednesday!


8/5 – Run 4 Kerri – 4-mile road race in Matunuck, use code NovemberPVD2018 and save $5.

8/18 – Global Day of Climbing – Join our friends from The North Face at The Rock Spot in Lincoln, RI for a free opportunity to rock climb. Bring your kids and show them that walls are meant for climbing!

9/14-9/16 -#NPSUMMIT, November Project’s Annual gathering, will be in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this coming September 14-16. You’ll want to sign up for the Endurance Challenge Wisconsin for a Saturday or Sunday race. Use NP20 for a 20% off discount.


Counting to TEN and JULY PR’s – 7.18.18

Welcome back to your Weekly Wednesday Workout recap – see below:

  • 5:30AM CREW: We had 5 humans #WakeUpTheSun by the names of Jess, Reva, Jeremy, Dan, and Remi. These lucky five got to join me (you’re welcome) with testing out a NEW PR WORKOUT which will debut in AUGUST. You can ask them and they have been sworn to secrecy… besides what we shared on the inter webs through our Strava’s…
  • NEWBIES: THREE (two for Sarah, one for Tara) by the names of Dante, Matthew, and James.
  • BOUNCE: We warmed up our legs and our vocal chords with counting squats from 1 – 10 (proud of everyone)
  • #PRDAY WORKOUT: Our 3.2(ISH)K / 8 lap, loop-de-loop course has been holding it down since our pledge days. Our newbie Dante broke it in with a close to record time of 20:35 and our fastest lady of the day, Diane, finished with a 23:40 for the morning. Crushin’ it.
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    Good for your City – Good for your Body

    Things are rocking in Providence! We witnessed an amazing turnout for PR day – humid, hot, and 119 of our closest, sweaty friends.  People showed up and put in quality work. We are feeling the love – two  MKE #traverbals made their way to the State House this Wednesday and crushed #stairsforbreakfast with our tribe!

    An extremely impressive thing also happened – not only did we have our inaugural Positivity Award winner championing his stairs with the award, but we also witnessed a second Positivity Award running around  . . . Amazingly enough, the Positivity Award from NovemberProjectWOO joined us at the Rhode Island Statehouse this morning where with grace and humility he put in fantastic work! I think we are pretty lucky!   The day rounded out with our first recruiting papers social!

    What’s happening in our neck of the woods:

    July 4th – Remember we are not only #weatherproof but most definitely Holiday proof – Join us next Wednesday for a patriotically themed work out – celebrate your independence with our tribe!

    June 11th – look ahead as NE Distance has invited us to a track meet! – #raceeverything with an all ages, all skills track meet at Cumberland High School – spectators and volunteers needed!!

    September 15th – 16thDo not forget! November Project Summit 6 – Wisconsin “Say Cheese”   Races for everyone from 5k to 50 miler!

    NP_PVD Recruit Papers


    Introducing STAIR MASTER 1.0 and other announcements you should know…

    Greetings! Salutations! Is this thing still on? …

    Shoulders back. Straight face.

    Sierra here, reporting live from Brooklyn, NY. First things first:


    In fact, it never left. I was writing you all eloquent soliloquies in the photo albums and I should’ve been doing them here. BOOM. PRESTO. We’ve made it back.

    Recap of June 27th, 2018:

  • The Newbies: two made it in the circle (HEY PUFFY AND DAVID) and there were roughly plus or minus 3 humans who observed from the safety of the huddle with their friends who brought them. Know that the introductions are to help us learn your name AND there will be other ways for us to do this during workouts.   
  • The Workout: Introducing, STAIR MASTER 1.0 – an ode to BOSTON in it’s own right (trying to emulate Harvard stadium…is nearly impossible) and it goes a little something like this!
    • 20 mins of stairs
    • 5 minutes of X – today, it was BURPEES
    • 15 minutes of stairs – today, the tribe tested the water with 12 minutes on the clock.
    • 2 burnouts (full flight of stair sprints to the top platform)
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    Now that it is getting warmer and the sun is shining just a little earlier, it is the perfect time to recruit everyone and show the 757 just how amazing November Project VB is. Starting tomorrow, May 2nd, we are challenging you to a friendly competition of WHO IS THE RECRUITING MVP. The winner with the most newbie recruitment points will win some sweet swag from our friends at The North Face.


    Level 1: The people you have been trying to get to #justshowup forever, they may have even come once before, but you really can’t even remember because it has been so long.

    • Friends 1 point
    • Family Member 1 point
    • Coworker 1 point
    • Bring back a long-lost tribe member 1 point (must have been gone 1mo or more)

    Level 2: These are the people that you must work a little harder for to get to the workout.

    • Any Random Stranger 2 points
    • A passerby during a workout 2 points
    • Recruit via recruiting papers 2 points (See a co-leader to get some)

    Bonus Points: Extra special circumstances will get you some extra special points!

  • Your newbie recruit comes back for any subsequent workouts 1 point per workout
  • Your recruit brings a recruit to the next workout 3 points
  • You & your recruit wear a beret to the workout in honor of “All May Beret” 5 points
  • You recruit someone with some pull at a local stadium/venue 10 points
  • You & your recruit signup for a ECS Race at Summit 6.0 in Sept. 15 points
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