Introducing STAIR MASTER 1.0 and other announcements you should know…

Greetings! Salutations! Is this thing still on? …

Shoulders back. Straight face.

Sierra here, reporting live from Brooklyn, NY. First things first:


In fact, it never left. I was writing you all eloquent soliloquies in the photo albums and I should’ve been doing them here. BOOM. PRESTO. We’ve made it back.

Recap of June 27th, 2018:

  • The Newbies: two made it in the circle (HEY PUFFY AND DAVID) and there were roughly plus or minus 3 humans who observed from the safety of the huddle with their friends who brought them. Know that the introductions are to help us learn your name AND there will be other ways for us to do this during workouts.   
  • The Workout: Introducing, STAIR MASTER 1.0 – an ode to BOSTON in it’s own right (trying to emulate Harvard stadium…is nearly impossible) and it goes a little something like this!
    • 20 mins of stairs
    • 5 minutes of X – today, it was BURPEES
    • 15 minutes of stairs – today, the tribe tested the water with 12 minutes on the clock.
    • 2 burnouts (full flight of stair sprints to the top platform)
  • The Announcements
    • ABBY ARMADA: QUEEN OF SOCIAL – this lady (pictured below) is one of our biggest recruiters, welcomers, racers, and she hails from Long Island no less! She will be coordinating with leadership and ensuring we get together at least once a month outside of workouts. P.S. All NOVEMBER PROJECT Yearbook Photos will be hitting the inter webs TOMORROW. Please share the photo with the hashtag #YearbookPhoto and #NovemberProject (and if you’re local, give #POW the photo credit he deserves) and let’s see if the power of 49 Tribes World Wide has the power to #BreakTheInternet (#POUNDSIGN)

    • JULY 4th: so, that sweet flag tag was nice right? (Besides it looking like we joined the Lone Star State) Our hope is that whether you’re working out with us in Fort Greene, or wherever you might be with family or friends for the holiday, that you rock the shirt in PUBLIC / WORKING OUT / EATING YOUR RED, WHITE, AND BLUE POPSICLE and take a picture which you then send to ME (DM / Facebook / if you’re lucky and have my phone number that works too) to share with the world on social.
    • #RecruitingInJuly (Catchy right?): Full details will be written in a blog post next Wednesday and we are in an official RECRUITING challenge for the month of July – SO: bring your visiting family members, newest coworkers, subway bench buddies, and more. You want to win this. I promise.



With that, I bid you adieu. Have a great Wednesday. And if you’re lucky enough to be near Kings County next week, I’ll see you in Fort Greene at 6:28 AM.





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