Canada Day 2.0


  • NEWBIES. Like new babies that were just birthed. Except we love these first timers more than new babies.  
  • Did you actually think we were going to run in between all those fences?   
  • Corners and a little hill
  • DOGS, DOGS and more DOGS.  
  • Lots of Hoistee J’s
  • One team collected 91 flags.  One team had between 4 to 11 flags.
  • Everyone now knows what a Bojan is.  
  • FLAGS, how cute are those flags. We can thank the nice offices of Catherine McKenna, Will Amos and David McGuinty for them.
  • #positivityaward was handed out this morning to Stephen.  If you have yet to meet this community fitness junkie head out to any local, free, outdoor event and you will surely be graced  by his presence.  We feel so fortunate to have such a positive, active, overenthusiastic and caring human join us each and every week.
  • We asked you to close your eyes and imagine one person who would be most likely to attend November Project.  Who came to your mind? Why haven’t they shown up yet? What are you going to do to have there next week?

This morning was EPIC, outta this world BAT-SHIT AMAZING.  To each and every single one of you that showed up, thanks for celebrating extra early with us.  It takes a community to raise a child they say. We believe that a community makes November Project Ottawa that much more worth waking up for and showing up to. Here’s to growing that community and family each and every day.




Here’s to bringing soles together,

Lauren and Liz


1.JULY 11th you heard it here first. KEEP that night booked off EXPECT BIG THINGS.  STAY TUNED.

2.Yearbook photos drop tomorrow. Get ready for an amazing new profile picture

3. Next week are at TD  Place #justshowup with that one person that is most likely to come but has yet to attend November Project.

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