February Recruiting Challenge (CHI)

Chiberia amiright?  It’s cold. It’s dark.  It’s snowy/slushy/icy. This is that time of year when those new year’s resolutions start to wear off, and gym membership dies down.  We start hibernating, planning tropical vacations, and considering becoming snowbirds that winter at NP San Diego. Instead of that negative energy, we want to flip the switch and throw out some positivity this February by challenging you to a recruitment challenge.  If you’re not having fun this winter, it’s because you’re not with us. We want to help your friend, your coworker, your roommate, your bus seat-mate, that random girl in the bar bathroom that you had a really intense conversation with…you get the idea…we want to help everyone in Chicago have a little more fun this winter.  

Sociologists have determined that friendships are formed by proximity, repeated interactions, and settings that encourage people to confide in each other.  Do you know someone who just moved to the city? Help them form friendships at NPCHI. Workouts are literally designed to force you into close proximity twice a week, engage in repeated interactions, and I don’t know what the science is, but people who run together confide a lot of information. 

Is there a bad ass athlete in your cycling/yoga/climbing/trapeze class?  Have a colleague always talking about running events? Then maybe your sales pitch is to convince them to just show up and “embrace the suck” with you.  It’s February and we’ll be outside, no matter the weather.  

Other recruiting ideas:  Make a Super Bowl or Bachelor bracket bet, and the payoff is showing up.  Tell your movie buff friend that there’s an Oscar themed workout, and there will be Academy Awards to win.  Ask your next Hinge/Bumble/Tinder/Grinder date to show up for our Valentine’s Day workout.  Do it for the ‘gram–we have semi-professional photo shoots twice a week so they can work on their influencer status.  Create a Strava segment for the workout and invite someone to race you.  Wear your grassroots gear to work, to a restaurant, out on a run, at the airport, and if someone asks you what November Project is, look them in the eye and have a conversation with a stranger.  Don’t listen to your mom, go talk to strangers. But please don’t make it sound like a cult.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, get some folks to show up to any of the 8 workouts in February, and you can win Brooks stuff!  Here’s the official challenge rules:

  1. You must be at the workout with your recruit(s)!  No recruiting by proxy. After the workout track your recruits here on the official tracker: http://bit.ly/NPCHIrecruiting.  
  2. Each brand new, never before seen at NPCHI face will earn you 3 points.
  3. Each active or retired co-leader from any of November Project city you bring to a Chicago workout will earn you 2 points.
  4. Each old face that we haven’t seen in 6+ months will earn you 1 point.  That’s right, you can tap into your already existing NP network to win the challenge, too.
  5. Each traverballer that you recruit will earn you 1 point.  I mean, they’re probably just here for that sweet stars tag but also because you convinced them to show up.  

To help we’ve made some business cards with details on our social media, our schedule, and our email.  See Kaitlyn or Nez after the workout to grab a couple. Can’t wait to see our Chicago family grow this month!   

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