Goodbye January (YEG)

Goodbye January. 

Thank you for your long dark nights. Thank you for your ridiculous cold, especially that Wednesday morning on the stairs when it was -39C. Thank you for testing us and making us stronger than other groups who never get to run in potentially fatal cold weather. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to encourage each other through post Christmas blues, while we collectively face the reality that we still have a long way to go to make it through this winter. 

Bridge month has some of our favorite workouts! I think it’s partly what a bridge is, crossing a gap between two places. Since January is sort of a “get through it” month, the bridges can represent the journey from one place to another. Whether that’s reaching the next level training goals we have set, navigating through a tricky career change, or any other big change, we’ve crossed some bridges this month. And the best thing about bridge month is that we did it in the company and with the support of each other.

For my part, I remember individuals from our shared bridge workouts. Whether it’s the bridgewars workout, where I got to know Holly a couple years ago, or the more recent shared morning with Cliff on the Dawson bridge, bridge month gives us an opportunity to go a little deeper with getting to know each other. And that’s what keeps us coming back.

Great run today friends. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to babysit while Jen, Nadim, and Rob are off conquering other challenges. Thanks for staying safe on the dark, icy hill. Thanks for showing up, not just for yourself, but for the sake of this community. And thanks for kicking January in it’s cold ass. 

Bring it on, February!

Community love, 
Eric and Curtis

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