Take a Trot (BOS)

How are you doing?

No, like really, how are you? I know, I know, “fuck yeah” to the question “ARE YOU GOOD?” Of course, yes that. But also, how are you?

It seems to be that time in the winter when winter feels long and the days aren’t yet really feeling longer, even though they’re getting longer, and everyone is talking about the cough/bug/”thing” that everyone else has…wondering if they’re coming down with it too. It’s that time when the wear and tear of cold, dark, sickness, and that drawn-out hangover of the holidays hits you hard.

Which means it’s also that time when if you’ve managed to maintain even the slightest regularity of your schedule for fitness, it’s starting to feel harder, less inspiring, and there’s just a little less motivation to go give it your all. It’s just that much easier to desire a morning of sleeping in, a cozy bed instead of a cold running route, and a day of rest rather than really getting after it.

All this plays into our PR day on Wednesday and the rationale behind starting fresh with PRs for 2020. It amplifies the motivation to give it a little more than the minimum effort. It creates a context in which showing the f*ck up in every way has more meaning, greater impact, and feels within your grasp. And…it’s why we threw out the good old Turkey Trot course to run on Summit Ave this morning. Because sometimes, especially in the midst of this psychological wind-tunnel of winter, you need to feel like something isn’t harder than it needs to be.

Sometimes you need to take a trot (not a long, slow slog up a hill), and feel really good that you showed up, you connected with some good humans, overcame the cold and dark and wintery shit, and did the thing…without feeling like you had to climb a metaphorical Mt. Everest to do it.

Because sometimes we need experiences that are less intense. We need to rest, to slow down, to recover, to reconnect, and to re-calibrate our perspective on working hard. We need to trot sometimes in order to crush it other times. And whether your legs were still talking loud to you from Wednesday, or your heart and mind were chattering from the stadium of life lately, today, it made sense to trot.

We hope you got what you need from NP today, and you always get it. Come for the workout, it’s always there and will forever give you an opportunity to move. Come for the hugs/high-fives/community, it’s always there with accountability, connection, and more than you expected from a random crowd of strangers. Come for the novelty, the experience, the whatever you come for. Get that, and probably even more too. We’ll always be here…trotting, walking, running, sprinting, M O V I N G.

Keep changing the world, my friends. #weekendearned


BUFFS are in. Show up to any workout and Joev (the holder of the buffs) will give you the buffs you ordered & paid for. #justshowup

SUPER SUNDAY 5k/5mile is this weekend. Sunday at 10am. If you’re not signed up and you still want to run on team November Project, contact me (Emily) emilysaul@gmail.com

EVERY MONDAY IN FEBRUARY our #destinationdeck workouts will be held on the esplanade, in collaboration with the Esplanade Association. Their Frost Fit free fitness opportunities will be NP WORKOUTS on Mondays at 6:30am. See more info about it right here and feel free to share with everyone you know! It’s great hype for this free fitness movement and we’ll have some fun benefits for everyone showing up. WORKOUT LOCATION for MONDAY 2/3 at 6:29am: RIGHT HERE.

FEBRUARY WINTER WOahMAN SERIES is on the second friday: Feb 14th. Fall in love on V-day with free fitness in the form of WOahMAN, starting at 5am. There are only two more WOahMAN events in the series, so jump on the train. Regular Friday hills workout starts at 6:30am that same day too, so show up for either/both!

WE STILL NEED MORE NOVEMBER PROJECT VOLUNTEERS FOR THE BOSTON MARATHON MILE 18 HYDRATION STATION. Please register to help out on April 20th, and follow these instructions, provided by Danielle DeSiato Kuhn, our amazing mile 18 organizer:

1. Click here to access the 2020 application NOW!
2. Choose between registering as a new volunteer or log-in with your B.A.A. Volunteer Loyalty Number.
3. Select that you are a GENERAL (not medical) volunteer.
4. Complete your personal information and navigate to the next page.
5. Choose “join an existing group” when prompted, type in the following group name “November Project” and enter the pass code “stadium”. Make sure to type in the group name and passcode exactly as they appear here with no additional spaces or characters.
6. Complete the rest of the application and submit, making sure to complete the process by obtaining an on-screen confirmation number. Please note the registration deadline is February 7th, 2020.

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