The Inside Joke (YEG)

My new favourite game is, what will the sidewalk at the hill look like on Friday mornings. What I think will be there in terms of ice/clear side walk, never lines up with what is there. Shifting gears, today was a disappointing day for our favourite game “What’s in the Bag?”

Many of the NP jokes are a “you had to be there” type of thing. Anyone CAN be there, and we definitely hang on to some of these inside jokes well past their expiry dates. (eg. the DBAD rule, Jen’s gotta go to work, etc). The whole “What’s in the Bag?” game, is so hilarious to me. If you’ve come to NP between November and today, you’ll know what it’s all about. However, if you haven’t been, it sounds like the most ridiculous thing on the planet. I’ll take that one step further. If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that there are 11 #NPbuttons that you can collect throughout the winter. A large majority of those buttons will have no meaning to most people, but everyone at NP will know, recognize or understand them. For example, one is a can of spray paint. Specifically, it is a can of Krylon Flat Black spray paint. That’s the spray paint we use to tag our shirts. Completely confusing to almost everyone else, but somehow normal to the world of NP. Yesterday, my brother sent me a screenshot of a text with one of his friends. His friend had seen a little girl wearing an NP button of me and was so confused by it that she wanted to take a picture of the little girl. She tried, but the girl’s mom gave her a strange look, because strangers taking pictures of your child is a pretty alarming thing. Anyway, the whole situation is another reminder that the world of November Project is extremely weird. It’s so weird, and I hope that it never changes. By the way, with only 2 buttons to go, and 1 month left before we’ve released them all, I’m so curious to see who has been able to collect them all. If you got the 9, or are even close with 8, we want to know about it. To me (and maybe only me), this is just as exciting as the Oilers’ Playoff race.

On a more serious note, it’s fairly clear that November Project is a gathering place of peoples from all walks of life. And it’s not out of the ordinary to have human contact at November Project. As always, there’s always the option to high five instead of hug. And for now, there are options to elbow touch, fist bump, and even toe tap. Remember, just because you’re ok with it, the person across from you may not be ok. It’s always good to check especially now as there is a heightened awareness around the spread of viruses.

On an even more serious note, if you’ve traveled to or through any high-risk locations recently, we highly recommend and would appreciate it if you stayed away a few weeks to make sure you’re not putting anyone else in the NP community (and other communities) at risk of exposure. Additionally, if you are unwell and feeling ill, it is more important for you to stay home, rest and recover, and it also helps to ensure that you don’t share your illness with your community. Unsure what this all means, or if it applies to you, feel free to reach out to us directly.


Monday – Meet at City Hall

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