Not only did we have a great workout this morning, our second week this month in Boston Landing, but there’s a ton of other things we want you to have in mind. Both for this week and the near future. Please read all the NEWS below!

Next Monday 3/16

Our workout next week will be the only different Monday this whole month. On March 16th, we’ll be meeting in a very Boston location, right underneath the Zakim Bridge (map right HERE). We’ll meet at 6:29am. And dress up. DRESS UP for St. Patrick’s Day…wear green, become a leprechaun, cover yourself in green clover. Or don’t. But we’ll be working out and having a great time (dancing) with our good friend Erin Duffy Lacy, who is a professional Irish dancer. Okay, she has a job that isn’t dancing, but she’s a true professional competitive dancer and just use your imagination to figure out if that workout will be worth attending. #JustShowUp #DressUp #StPatricksDay


We typically tag on the last Wed of the month, but it’s been all winter since we’ve tagged (it’s been too cold and the paint freezes). So we’re throwing in a tagging day THIS WEEK, so bring your shirts, your tank tops, your jackets, all the tops that you need to improve with some sweet, crisp spray paint. We’ll be tagging during 5:30am and 6:30am–and we’ll be grateful that one of our most consistent and experienced #paintcrew taggers: Dan Adameitz, will be able to tag for his last week living in Boston. Bring a blank shirt because you want some new #grassrootsgear, or just because you want Dan to tag one more shirt. Either way, show up and get your gear tagged.

Last WOahMAN of Winter Series: Friday 3/13

For the last 4 months, we’ve been using the second friday of every month to step up the challenge against winter, by doing a WOahMAN. This event is a combo of all three NP_BOS workout days, including hills, stadium, and burpees. Read THIS BLOG to get more info about the event, both what it is and how to prepare. It’ll be amazing. And you just don’t know when you’ll next get to race a WOahMAN, so now. is. the. time. We start at 5am. Regular hills workout will start at 6:30am. Come for one, come for both. We’ll be there and we really hope you are too.

NP Boston social: Saturday 3/14

It’s been a hot second since our Boston community of NP has had a formal gathering–so it’s time. In celebration of finishing the winter WOahMAN series, and maybe, mayyyyybe making it through the worst of winter, we’re getting together. Bring yourself, bring your friends you’ve been wanting to introduce to NP, bring anyone you can find, and show up for some conversation, food, drinks, and community.

WHERE: Time Out Market Boston (401 Park Drive, Boston) Food and beverages are available for purchase.

WHEN: 6:30pm start. Until you decide to leave (or 11pm when Time Out closes)

NP Summit 8 (oct 2020, but act now…)

Click the blog image below to get more info about the worldwide summit of the NP community. THERE ARE THINGS YOU NEED TO ACT ON IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND! Let us know if you have questions.

  • You need to register to race, and there are discount codes. In the blog below.
  • You want to know where many people are staying, and there is a hotel with rooms blocked for NP, at a discount. But they’ll fill up, so book soon!
  • You need to plan your travel to Minneapolis, which is where it’s taking place, and the blog shares all the dates and events that are planned, as of now. This blog will continue to be updated with new info as it becomes available. JUST SHOW UP.

Stadium Racing event: Sunday 4/26

NP will be participating in a stadium racing event that Gentle Giant is organizing–and save the date for it. We will soon have some FREE entries you can win/earn to compete for free–as well as a discount code for all NP members. Wait for that code to register!

Enjoy all the news…have a great week. We’ll see you at all the workouts, all the events, and in this incredible community.

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