Back at City Hall (YEG)

It may have gone unnoticed this morning, but we haven’t done a workout at city hall in a few years. It actually had the same vibe as some of our earlier workouts – realizing lunge walks are pretty rough – making fun of the music playlist – and posing for a photo with the pyramid in the background. We were going to add some bicycle kicks into the workout, but there wasn’t a lane for it. I’m still not in love with the Squat/Deadlift combo. Mostly because I think it’s a hard transition and it compromises form. We just end up doing this weird reach over and touch your toes thing. Maybe it’s just me though, and my brain is not connected to my body properly. Either way, we went through another disappointing game of What’s in the Bag this morning. AND, while this may have been the darkest workout we’ve had in about a month, the photo is somehow the brightest.

It’s also time to start hyping the NP Summit. You may have seen some info come out about it last week. This is the annual gathering of the November Project community. There are tons of details in the link below, but it is happening on the first weekend of October in Minneapolis. If you’re not sure about it, slightly interested, or really wanting to go and have some questions, feel free to come ask us about it. There is usually a good contingent from NP Canada that make the trek down. Why are we giving you this information 7 months in advance? Well, registration is open and the longer you wait to register for the races, the less your discount will save you. Also, there is a room block at a hotel and once those rooms are gone, then you’ll be paying the regular rate. Browse the link below and you’ll get even more details on when to travel, which race to register for, and a little bit of what to expect during that weekend.


Wednesday we’ll be at the RG Stairs

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