A little exploration (Ottawa)

How many parts of this city have you yet to explore? What little nooks and crannies, parks and park benches have we yet to burpee step up on? With each year that goes by, we get to collect memories from mornings together, in different parts of our beautiful city.

Last week was one of those memories- never forgetting that sunrise and a few reactions in awe of the views. It makes us so proud to be using those spaces, to see Parliament Hill from various angles, to explore the Quebec side of our region. This week, we went over to gather memories at a brand new spot.

Though we have met at the Spider at the Art Gallery for Bridge month to hit the Alexandra Bridge, today we actually did more than bounce under it. We squatted. Like a LOT. It was our home base, arguably not the place of rest, but a place of ongoing challenge for our legs. But we did it along side one another, gathering there every time we finished a corner. I love when we get to gather in one location, having no idea where everyone else is at in their workout. The focus is on moving, and working hard to be challenged, pushing for that next corner, pushing to get around the circle again.

You showed up to a new spot, explored another part of our city, and now have this memory forever with everyone else who peeled themselves out of their warm beds. We are glad you’re here.

Here’s to bringing “Soles” together.


  1. Next week: The War Museum, meet out front, on the Albert St. side
  2. Read a blog from another city and have the best day
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