This isn't a joke :) (Worcester)

You have all been asking, and we are here to tell you. Our big return to Fitton Field (Holy Cross Football Stadium) will be Wednesday, April 1st. We will also be tagging shirts that day! GOOD NEWS OVERLOAD?!

Here are some important things to know:

  1. Times will remain the same. 5:20 am, 6:20 am.
  2. Some of you don’t know this, but- We are under a contract with Holy Cross. They have put in place some guidelines, and it’s very important we all follow them so we do not lose our access. The most important ones are outlined here.
  • No parking in the garage. There are plenty of spots on the surrounding streets with a very short run or walk to the stadium. This IS a fitness group. If you need any special arrangements (stroller, wheelchair, etc) please reach out to your co-leaders and we can work something out.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the stadium. We love all of our 4 legged furballs, and we hope you will bring them to our monthly pop ups so we can still see them regularly.
  • Children are welcome and encouraged to come to our workouts. Per contract, they are not allowed on the stairs. We have workarounds for this so you can bring them and still get your workout in. Whether we agree with this one or not, we have to follow it, so please don’t put us in a weird position.

In addition to the stadium, we will have a handful of alternate workouts (similar to what we have been doing this winter) that we will rotate in each week. In the event you are injured and cannot do the stairs, you will have other options- So still show up!

We still have THREE solid weeks left at the common before we return to the stadium. Please continue to just show up. This winter has been incredible in terms of energy and turn out. We have seen the highest number of newcomers yet! We have so many more fun ideas up our sleeves and are excited to share them with this group. Let’s make the final 3 workouts of winter the biggest and best yet.

Any questions, as always reach out! See you Wednesday, WOO YEAH!

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