Stairs and Ladders

This was a big week. England chose to leave the EU. Iceland advanced in the Euro Cup (at the expense of an unmentioned team). The Leafs chose Austin Matthews with their number 1 draft pick. Pride month amps up. Justin Trudeau (such a babe, we must recruit) goes for a run with the President of Mexico. Game of Thrones Finale. Finding Dory comes to theaters.  (I found out Mill St makes a alcoholic rootbeer that is DELICIOUS, Some of you have already heard about this multiple times already…) So many big things !!!

None is less true for our NP world. We had multiple members represent and CRUSH two races this weekend, the Waterfront 10K and at 5peaks running series at Rattlesnake Point. There were lots of PBs, firsts and #grassrootsgear. AND NP TATTOOS !!!! Those will be at Summit. If you need a good look at one, I believe Tanja is having a little difficulty getting her’s off, Karl is she reallllyyyyy showering that much?? Hhehehe JK ! That would look rad on you permanently.

And as always Wednesday workout you guys showed up with fantastic energy and took on what we threw at you with smiles and grit.  Today was a combo of the usual RPS (rock, paper, scissors), hills, stairs and a escalating ladder of various exercises.  Pictures to provide visual explanation.





This was not part of the workout:


Lastly, this week the Positivity award was given to Mary. This is one freaking awesome lady. Her energy and smile each week is incredibly contagious. Its a wee louder when she is around and a whole lot more fun. She has brought countless new wonderful faces to the tribe as well. And I found out today (as it is her last day teaching for the summer WOHOO) that she holds a mini NP workout with her students with a bounce and everything !!!!! AMAZINNNGGGGG !!! I have asked for video of this because that is incredible. Anyways Mary thanks so much for being you !! !!


In the weeks ahead:

  • SUMMIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Details and links here:  For the most important part, PARTY details now here:
  • We had such an incredible time at 5peaks we want to do it again and we want you to come!! We also found out there is a team prize and the more people you have the better !!!! Link to their website is here, next one we are looking at is Albion Hills July 23 :    Use this comp code to get some mola off: NOVPROJECT
  • Lastly Sam and I have a goal for the tribe and would love your help! We are hoping by end of summer the tribe could reach 50! We are getting close!! So please invite that cute gal you have been eyeing at the gym, the cool dude down the hall, even that annoying co-worker/classmate who asks too many questions (They may be cooler then you think! Give them a chance!! Unless they steal your food too because that is NOT COOL)

Have a great long weekend all !!!!!! Much love xo


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