Other People’s PR’s (DEN)

530 People's PRs
530 People’s PRs


  • Today was PR Clover day, so there’s that.
  • We bounced to O.P.P. – Other People’s PRs and (mostly) everyone bounced in rhythm.  It sounded like a medium-sized herd of well-trained sheep marching down a cobblestone street in unison.
  • Some people had more difficulty than others attempting to bounce in rhythm.  I will not name names (Pace).
  • Kindergarten-style hand vote after the workout revealed that approximately 6.3/10 NP’ers PR’ed this morning.
  • Only 3.2 of those 6.3 chew Trident gum, and their dentist is not happy about it.

Holy sheep balls!  You guys ran. fucking. hard. this morning.  Maybe there was a Rocky movie marathon on TBS again, maybe you all ate tubs of fettucine alfredo for breakfast this morning, maybe you’re all still mad (like I am) that Ross & Rachel didn’t end up together, I don’t know.  There were a lot of intense, determined faces in the amphitheater this morning, and I loved every damn second of it.

This morning was all about the chase.  Some people were chasing their own PR’s.  Others were chasing people who were chasing their own PRs.  Every single one of you looked like you were on a mission.  The mission is the tribe and the tribe is the mission.  If one of us gets faster, we all get faster.  Sadly, this transitive property does not apply to doughnuts.

Next Wednesay we have yearbook pics.  If you don’t know what those are, it’s just another way for us to proselytize the gospel of NP through social media.  It’s also a great time to change that profile pic of you doing a yoga pose on a rock out-cropping from a year ago.  The theme is “JUMP”, so clothe thyself accordingly.  Next Wednesday is also the day we’re trying to hit 300 people between the 530 and 615 shows.  If we can do that, Matthew and I will get tattoos and you can tell me (with some wifely and professional restrictions) where to put it.  There may also be treats (see prior mention of doughnuts) involved if you promise to recruit and recruit hard!  Let’s put the Denver fitness community on notice!

Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk!

Major Wood

Friday: Gov’s Park 530/615 (7th & Logan)

615 O.G.'s
615 O.G.’s
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