Western Steps 100

Ok, I realize the title here is a bit of a stretch, primarily because the steps of Alta Plaza are on the south-facing side of the park, but there very well could be 100 steps to the top of AP, so… I’m going with it. (Anyone know how many steps there are? Count and get back to me, thanks.)


  • Paddy made an honest attempt at the PR Day record today and fell just short. The 16:27 clip Is good for 2nd fastest of all time, but the Irish harrier will need to take 17 seconds off of his burpeeing time to close the gap.
  • Gil is on day 181 of not shaving or cutting his hair. He pretty much just keeps getting more attractive as it goes… Follow here
  • PBR Wednesday is back and just as illegal and ill-advised as ever
  • Ratio of #EARLYGANG newbies to #LATEGANG newbies is 3:1, so… I win
  • Number of people who colloquially refer to Zip as J-Z = still just one 1… still just me
  • Both of these Strava videos (1 | 2) feature NP, and both are fucking sweet
  • FRIDAY HILLS are at Corona Heights Park (6:30am) and is BRING YOUR FRIEND TO WORKOUT DAY! Get it… heh heh, because it’s workout instead of work 😉 You can thank J-Z for this one. Work attire encouraged.



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