Roses, thorns and buds

Things learned:

2018 was so great for many reasons, many roses, perhaps a couple thorns and buds to look forward to in 2019.

–      At some point, people think you are too loud and that’s okay

–      NP Ottawa does a GREAT NINGA workout

–  We are still really great at being weatherproof, remember the rainstorm stadium workout? Or the -37 on the bridge?

– Canada Day workouts just keep getting better

– Gratitude workouts help you learn the impact every tribe member brings to the community

– Bagels are good

– You never drink a post-workout coffee alone anymore

– No matter what our location around the city, we get to experience the outdoors in the morning with a RAD group of people

– If the stadium is closed, we will still workout

– You can program “November Project” into your watch

– The sunrise is better with a huge group of people yelling birthday booms

– The Crate Escape opened up our hearts and minds to the incredible depth of this community

-When the sweet sound of bells approaches you know the #bikergang have arrived

–      Costumes at Halloween and the creativity that the tribe brings is uncanny

–   When you run the stairs enough, eventually the toddler who watches from the window and her dad will show up to find out what all the excitement is about

-You can skate on the Rideau Canal, see a lunar eclipse and find out that you have access to your local stadium all before 7am

–   Stairs are challenging no matter who you are

–   A 17 hour drive to Wisconsin really is not that far when you spend the whole time talking with your friends.  

–  Holiday’s become that much better when your day begins at 6:29am

-Yearbook photos

–  You earn one if not two maybe even three Sunrise 6K tags.  

– Hugs are still good

-Mornings are the best

-The Positivity Award

– Tribe Babysitters kick butt and allow NP to NEVER be cancelled

– Motionball Marathon of Sport has an amazing way of bringing out the inner child, the competitive side and the character all at the same time

– Local races are blasted with bright colours, cheers and lots of high fives

– Cheer Stations do not go unnoticed and you basically cheer as loud and hard as those racing

Here’s to adventures in 2019, more Wednesday mornings together, always free, always #weatherproof and always a place for anyone no matter what. Thank you for sharing your morning, your time and your energy with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together

Lauren and Liz


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