New Year, Same Me

Every January, we’re bombarded with marketing campaigns and facebook posts about losing weight and setting goals. But I personally have always found the expression “New Year, New Me” a little offensive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about self-betterment (for more on the subject, please see my Yom Kippur blog), but I think the old me is pretty good. Sure, upgrades to the current model would be great and goal-setting is never a bad thing, but I’d prefer to think of it as a “better version of me”, as opposed to an entirely new person.

So, this frosty morning (and to the leaders of Chicago & Providence: before you mock us again, it was 36 degrees this morning when our workout started, only 8 degrees warmer than Grand Rapids. GR is impressively weatherproof, so by the scientific properties of temperature and just basic math, 8 degree differential makes us very Californian weatherproof), NP_OAK awoke and joined me for a workout, 2019 goal-setting brainstorming session and pretty excellent sunrise. Our star-jumping-planktastic burnout today was designed to help us all set new intentions for the new year and identify who among us is working toward a similar goal. Maybe you can go running with new friends? Or cook a whole chicken together while speaking Spanish?

Since I started showing up to November Project, this community has helped me exceed my own goals, and surprise myself with what I thought was possible. And I love that about this community. So, with that in mind, I hope this year we will all rise to the “New Year, Best-Version-of Me” challenge with your friends at NP_OAK to help you out.

And if you missed this mornings workout, please find NP_OAK’s 2019 resolutions below (maybe with a couple of italicized comments from yours truly). Maybe they’ll inspire you to take on a new goal or intention, and just know that you can always show up to the Lake Merritt Boating Center on Wednesday mornings to find your 2019 resolution buddies.

So here’s to the New Year, I can’t wait to see the best versions of an already pretty great you.


No more sugar
A book a month
Not get too caught up in my own thoughts
Clean email inbox
Cook with whole chickens more
Run ECSCA 50k
Run more
10% more mindful
Make it to November Project every week! (important note: Rebecca did not write this)
Less burpees, more dancing!
Break 4 hours in a marathon
Do more pushups
To get a puppy
Judge no more
Take an Avy1 course
Keep a better work-life balance
Alcohol free-January
Speak Spanish fluently
Finish Santa Cruz 70.3
Break 2.5hr in Marathon
Criticize Less
Spend 10% of the year sleeping under the stars
Lose that extra 7 pounds– oohyeah!
To propose my dissertation
Do weekly yoga
Carve a famous sculpture
Stay healthy and keep doing what makes me happy
More regular exercise
Stretch more– at least 3x a week
SHOW UP (Also not me, come on guys, ye a little faith)
Optimize my health– mentally and physically
To do more stretches
Swear less
Run 1000 miles in 2019
No candy 2019
Abvember in January

-It’s our NP Pledge, East Bay Free Fitness BIRTHDAY next week— one year of free fitness along Lake Merritt! So join us next week for a birthday style workout, and if you have a vintage EBFF tag, wear it!
Tam Slam: NP_OAK’s unofficial winter retreat, Feb 2. More information here.

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