Roses, thorns and buds

Things learned:

2018 was so great for many reasons, many roses, perhaps a couple thorns and buds to look forward to in 2019.

–      At some point, people think you are too loud and that’s okay

–      NP Ottawa does a GREAT NINGA workout

–  We are still really great at being weatherproof, remember the rainstorm stadium workout? Or the -37 on the bridge? read more



We had asked our friend, running partner, T-Rex yogi, Positivity recipient, Bytown Boy and a go-getter Stephen Bierbrier to share his experience, passion and outlook about November Project Ottawa and how he came to be part of this ever growing family.

Stephen we were overjoyed with excitement and jitters the first time we bounced alongside you.  Here’s to the many more times we get to hug, high five and bounce along with you. Thanks for sharing your story and here’s to bringing soles together.

On January 16, 2017, a friend sent me an innocent Facebook message with a link: “WORK IT YOW. WEDNESDAY. 6:29AM”. Amy asked, “Do you know about this? I think THIS is YOUR  kind of thing.” read more