Good morning, 2019!

This morning was cool, crisp, and Dino-mite! It was also our first workout of 2019! Typically, I’m not one to put too much importance into milestone days. However, I understand that for many people, the beginning of the new year is a chance for a fresh start. Goals are set, intentions are made, and resolutions are announced. Kait and I want to throw down a little challenge with the goal of getting 100 people to show up for a workout.

I know a lot of you have been trying to get your friends, coworkers, arch nemeses, and handsome baristas to join us for a postivity filled morning. (#recruiteveryone) If they haven’t yet shown up, then now is the perfect time to remind that special someone about how awesome our Wednesday and Friday mornings are. Use Raelee as an example. This morning was Raelee’s first workout with NP. She’s been following along with us via Instagram for a little bit now, and decided it was time to #justshowup! While she told me that she’s starting with the intention of making it out for all of January and February, I feel like we’ll still see her come October.

If all else fails, and your recruit is still not fully convinced that waking up at the ass crack of dawn is worth it, then ask them how often they can get a free photo shoot during the golden hour? It is LA afterall… #knowyouraudience


Friday – 6am Micheltorena and Sunset for Robert’s Bachelor party.

10% discount code for the Firecraker 5K/10K 

  • Race: Sunday 2/17
  • Code: NPLAX10 **expires 2/10/19

Fun Fact: Robert and Amber met at November Project. Robert’s first NP workout was at Micheltorena. THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!

Do good, LA!

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